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1. Beginner: RC Helicopter Pilot Proficiency Program

Level 1 is the most basic of the program. These exercises and exercises will help you become a better RC helicopter pilot through structured lessons and tutorials. They lay the foundations as we move through the next few lessons in this flying school series.

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Take-off
0:31 Stationary Hover
1:44 Hover Laterally
3:10 Multiple-level Hover
3:50 3/4 Rear View Hovering
4:39 Full Lateral View Hovering
5:46 Diagonal Hovering
7:27 Constant Heading Circle
8:57 Conclusion

IRCHA Pilot Proficiency Program

PPP Program

RC Heli Nation Pilot Proficiency Program

The RCHN Pilot Proficiency Program

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Speedboot vs RC Heli // HELI CAMP Gran Canaria 2018 // 1Woche

Ein Riesen Spass, Ausflug mit dem Boot und ein kleines Wettrennen.
Pilot; Stefan Segerer
Heli; Compass Chronos 700 mit 12S

Video von RC-Heli-Action zum Bericht über den Tandemhubschrauber CH-47 Chinook von Vario Helicopter, dem Magazin für wahre Flieger (Ausgabe 01 und 02/2016). www.rc-heli-action.de


Nitro RC Heli Hirobo Shuttle Z – Park Flying and Detailed Look

Here’s a sweet vintage Hirobo Shuttle Z R/C nitro helicopter. These were released back in 1989 and this one still flies great today! I picked this up for a song on Craigslist a few months back and it was not in flying condition at all. I spent a few weekends going through it to get it to the point you see here. This Shuttle Z is powered by an O.S. 25 nitro engine and has mostly vintage electrics save for the 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver.
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RC Heli Resource: The Movie, The Life, The Sport & The Obsession (1080p)

VIDEO: RCHeliResource: The Movie, The Life, The Sport & The Obsession
SOUNDTRACK: Pendulum – Immersion – 13 – Self vs Self (Ft. In Flames) http://www.youtube.com/artist?a=GxdCwVVULXestPHuoJnKfRrFEmMjpblT

Starring Top 3D Pilots Jamie Robertson, Alan Szabo Jr, Lukas Riva and Daniel Katsav. Sean Williams, Terry Williams, Jordan Jose, Earl McCoy, Derrick Threatt, Ben Griffin and Anthony Lawson of Team RCHR 2009.

Filmed at IRCHA 2009 on Red One


Rc-Heli flight lesson 2… tail turns vs momentum turns (freddycanflyrc.com)

Please view on freddycanflyrc.com for the full flight academy series. I am so thank full for all the support of my friends out there. please enjoy the web site as it continues to grow.

in this lesson:

we cover tail and momentum based turns, learning how u can play with both for some cool slow and fast paced turns. This exercise is great for learning and understanding momentum controll.


Rc Heli crashes and funny moments :)

Rc Heli crashes and funny moments :)

Die Anfangszeit war hart 😀


RC Helicopter STYROFOAM – DIY fuselage rc heli 450

RC Helicopter STYROFOAM - DIY fuselage rc heli 450

homemade scale rc helicopter
homemade scale fuselage for helicopter rc 450 class
i using tarot 450 and styrofoam to make the fuselage

#homemadeHelicopter #diyRCHeli

durham regional police helicopter remote control


Tr?c th?ng ?i?u khi?n t? xa Airwolf Size 180 @scale rc heli

Airwolf là m?u tr?c th?ng bi?n th? c?a dòng tr?c th?ng Bell 222, m?t dòng tr?c th?ng h?ng nh? c?a M? do hãng máy bay Bell Helicopter s?n xu?t.

Trong clip, kênh xin ???c chia s? ??n các b?n m?u tr?c th?ng ?i?u khi?n
Airwolf có kích th??c thu?c l?p 180 size. M?u máy bay này ?ã ???c b?n Ph? Thanh (cùng v?i s? h? tr? k? thu?t c?a b?n Thanh Tú) l?p ráp, cân ch?nh và bay thành công.

M?i ý ki?n ?óng góp ho?c giao l?u phát tri?n xin các b?n hãy ?? l?i comment bên d??i kênh s? tr? l?i ngay khi có th?. Xin chân thành c?m ?n.

#airwolf #bell222 #xkk110
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RC Heli #1 – Wprowadzenie

Pierwszy odcinek z serii o Helikopterach RC.
Je?eli chcecie uzyska? wi?cej informacji o RC Heli, polecam polskie forum

Link do opowiadania, o którym wspomnia?em na pocz?tku filmu

Par? ciekawych lotów w wykonaniu zaawansowanych pilotów:

Duncan Bossion:

Alan Szabo Jr.:

Bert Kammerer:

Tareq Alsaadi:


Blade Apache Scale RC Heli Unboxing

Unboxing the scale Apache attack helicopter from E-Flite/Blade.
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