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Estes SF161 & R73-OPS 3ch RC helicopters mini-review

See you at http://UltimateRC.com/forums ! “Like” URC on Facebook! http://facebook.com/UltimateRC I’m just an independent RC fan who loves tinkering with thes…
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RC-Heli.de Wintertreffen Bebra / Breitenbach 06.03.2011

Wintertreffen des RC-Heli.de Forums in Bebra / Breitenbach am 06.03.2011 mit Verlosung vieler Sachpreise. Uli Röhr gewann ein Flybarless-System …feix…er …
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E-Flite MCPX RC Helicopter Unboxing & Review

We open up a brand new RC Helicopter the eflite mcp and take about the pros and cons of the electric rc helicopter. The eflite mcpx remote control electric h…

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How to use Ball Link Pliers – www.HeliRaptor.com

How to use Ball Link Pliers Self Assist / How To These Video clips were at first designed for www.RCHeliForum.com, the forums by no means took off so I thought it would be good to use them the following. I would like to thank 06Graphite for creating the video clips for us. Maybe if there are enough requests the company/hobbyists of this website can persuade him to generate more films. Remember to depart Responses on the video clips and truly feel cost-free to spot requests. With some luck we might be able to get some a lot more videos.
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RC Helicopter Tutorial-Preflight & Post Flight Checklist

If you are just finding into flying RC helicopters you know whilst they could be small there is a lot ot discover. This movie talks about your electrical rc heli and some items you can do pre-flight and article-flight to preserve things running smoothly. If you have any queries at all go to our forum at www.rcnightmare.com it is just much less complicated to manage, and there are much more people there to answer concerns Our Website For A lot more Awesomeness www.rcnightmare.com Very first Make Positive You Subscribe To Our Channel Below-Its Free and you’ll get updates when we add new movies like this a single www.youtube.com RC Plane Unboxing Movies www.youtube.com RC Flight Videos www.youtube.com RC Helicopter Unboxings www.youtube.com If You Like Jogging Videos Check out these other people www.youtube.com Just take A Second To Subscribe Free To Our Other Channels To Rating Giveaway Things Way too! www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com
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Walkera 38# CH46 RC Helicopter. Modifications and tips

A video diary of the modifications made to this fascinating RC Electric helicopter. The video is presented in a ‘how to style’ but you modify at your own risk! That said I am very pleased with the results. Another note of caution! as the controls are now much more fierce, go steady when flying! this is not a stunt heli LOL OK May 2009 I have discovered that only one rotor set needs to be in charge! if both are the same they cancel out. Check the thread on the RC Forum here. www.rcgroups.com Then taking the advice here regarding keeping one rotor set almost unmoved I set about making the front set the ones that have nearly all the fore and aft control. The rear set just twitches a bit now where as the front set swash moves very clearly! I also biased the front swash forwards! so that you can actually see it when at rest. This I did by moving the puller rod to one of the outer positions of the servo wheel. Initial tests show I now have a hoverable heli that goes forward when asked even in a light wind
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G2 Bites The Grass – 2nd Time (www.rchelitalk.com)

Exceed G2 helicopter crash – minor wasted set of blades, bent flybar


Bad Hovering Outdoors HB King v2 RC Helicopter.

Here’s a Bad Attempt to Hover Outdoors while it’s windy and using a new DX-7 Radio and AR6100 Receiver.
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