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Head on with two #Lebanese #AirForce #MD530 #helicopters at Hamat air base. #Aviation #Flying

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Check out the all-new TSA Infusion 700N Pro Nitro Heli. We show you all of the features of this awesome helicopter so you know everything about it.

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Syma RC Helicopter S51H Setup and flying

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Syma S107N RC-Heli [Review&Fly] German

Hallo ihr Zuschauer, Heute zeige ich euch meinen neuen RemoteControl Hubschrauber Syma S107N. Kaufen könnt ihr ihn auf Ebay oder so xD Es tut mir wegen der Nacht-Qualität leid. Ansonsten Viel Spaß beim zuschauen !! LG Kamil:). (Mit iPhone 5 aufgenommen)


John's RC Helicopter Flight School – My ever popular 10 day flying course to help you learn how to fly collective pitch RC helicopters correctly.


5 Simulator Exercises before Flying your RC Helicopter

So you’ve just figured out how do a new a new manoeuvre on the simulator, and you’re about to go out to the field and start flying for real. But how well can you actually do it, and is it ready for the real world?

In this video we’ll go through 5 exercises you should do on the sim to give yourself the best chance of making a successful transition with that new move to the outside.

Figure of 8 Training Exercises:

0:00 Introduction
0:18 Right and Left
1:02 Squares
2:04 Circles
2:47 Vertical Squares
3:43 Vertical Circles
4:14 Conclusion

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Hier zeige ich das kalibrieren den RC Helikopters vor dem Start. Nach dem Einschalten der Fernbedingung und dann des Helikopters wird nach dem er sich gebunden hat und die grüne LED am Heck Ausleger blinkt, der linke Stick nach links oben und der rechte Stick geleichzeitig nach rechts unten gedrückt. Wenn der Gyro kalibriert, blinkt die LED schnell gelb, wenn der Vorgang fertig ist blinkt sie wie grün.



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Good rc helicopter for normal flying and 3D , Goosky legend S2

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Sky Ball Flying Helicopte at Rs.498/- with Multi Color Amazing!! #shorts #ytshorts #youtubeshorts

Sky Ball Flying Helicopte at Rs.498/- with Multi Color Amazing!! #shorts #ytshorts #youtubeshorts

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Nitro RC Heli Hirobo Shuttle Z – Park Flying and Detailed Look

Here’s a sweet vintage Hirobo Shuttle Z R/C nitro helicopter. These were released back in 1989 and this one still flies great today! I picked this up for a song on Craigslist a few months back and it was not in flying condition at all. I spent a few weekends going through it to get it to the point you see here. This Shuttle Z is powered by an O.S. 25 nitro engine and has mostly vintage electrics save for the 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver.
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Addendum to Episode 3 Flight modes on Heli-X. Auggie's RC Helicopter Instinctive Flying Method.

Auggie’s RC Helicopter Instinctive Flying Method Addendum to Episode 3.

Setting up Flight modes on Heli-X
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In this video I show how I made a DIY collective pitch handle that works beautifully for flying helicopters in flight simulators. I looked around for different options to purchase and found them to be insanely expensive. (00 +) I made this using a Logitech Throttle quadrant and misc. wood and parts from my garage. #MSFS2020 #flightsimulator #airbushelicopters


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