3 ESSENTIAL tips for new RC heli pilots!

3 ESSENTIAL tips for new RC heli pilots!

Three essential tips for new RC helicopter pilots. Must know if you’re learning to fly RC helicopters.

Roman Pirozek flying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRPfLKVMGM8
Slo mo time watermelon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxKps5tXuZM&t=4s


10 Responses to “3 ESSENTIAL tips for new RC heli pilots!”

  • @pangbuddy:

    Last month, my little helicopter E150 hit my leg. It broke my pants and tore a 4cm cut on my leg, it really freaked me out. This is not a toy.

  • @antoniofrance8:

    Je conseille vraiment un xk 110s

    Le meilleur helico pour aprendre les base de la 3d sans se fair mal

  • @simcrazy4291:

    i got hit in the leg with my 230 s hurt like hell

  • @harrychattaway1556:

    Can someone please suggest me a cheap but good Sim to train with, I just bought a mini stunt chopper and want to learn instead of destroying it

  • @anusblaster8671:

    Im fixing up an old Trex 450.I hope you will all have a drink or smoke on my behalf if it ends badly.

  • @davidjacobs8558:

    I would recommend “Hover Here” simulator, it’s free but better than most.

  • @260bossute:

    I am always nervous during hover until the spinning blades of death are up in the sky and out of striking distance.

  • @Heli4213:

    Many pilots fly too close to themselves. Especially professionals. And I always hear people saying oh, they're really good. It has nothing to do with how good you are. When something goes wrong with the helicopter. It doesn't matter how great you are something's gonna happen.

  • @yobrojoost9497:

    Great video! I got myself a XK110s, great little flyer. I'm being careful with it though, set it up quite docile and not trying any 3D yet, just scale flying for now. Looking to get a simulator to learn that aerobatic stuff before I try it for real.

  • @stevrgrs:

    Yeah. We needed this video 🙂
    Too many people think these are just simple toys :p

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