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MicroHeli UH-1 Huey Blade 230s Fuselage Unboxing & Build

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500 size 3D Printer Scale Fuselage Mil mi hind using Trex 450

500 size 3D Printer Scale Fuselage Mil mi hind using Trex 450

Full 3 printer Scale RC helicopter fuselage length 86cm
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RC Align Trex 700E helicopter with fuselage, #13

Main Rotor 3 blades, using 12S Lipo battery
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Scale Fuselage k130 RC helicopter


Whats in the Box Review MD500 250 size fuselage from RC Aerodyne

Whats in the box video of the 250 size scale MD500 fuse from RC Aerodyne and 250 FHH r/c helicopter

Both available at


Scale RC Helicopter Build – Fitting Mechanics Into A Scale Fuselage

My Scale RC Helicopter Build method/s & tips for fitting mechanics into scale fuselage using 600ESP mechanics and FunKey 50/600 size scale Bell 222 or Airwolf fuselage.

Looking for information about FunKey scale fuselages?

What type of foam is used for the “floating mounting plates” in all my scale RC helicopter builds?
I use closed cell EVA foam. This can be from old blade holders, inexpensive kids flip-flops, or those 2×2′ interlocking foam floor mats you see at home centers and big box stores.

What glue to use to glue the EVA foam? As stated in the video at 16.21, I use Household Goop to glue. Shoe Goo will also work. Both are safe for the EVA and sticks well to both carbon and fiberglass while remaining flexible for vibration immunity. Goop Glue also takes time to setup, giving you ample time to ensure the mechanics are perfectly aligned inside the fuselage.

Video Chapter Time Index:
0:00 – Intro
1:37 – Scale fuselage modifications
8:13 – The RC helicopter mechanics
12:38 – Mounting the mechanics into the fuselage
26:42 – Fitting the tail rotor
31:08 – Fitting the LiPo battery

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RC Helicopter STYROFOAM – DIY fuselage rc heli 450

RC Helicopter STYROFOAM - DIY fuselage rc heli 450

homemade scale rc helicopter
homemade scale fuselage for helicopter rc 450 class
i using tarot 450 and styrofoam to make the fuselage

#homemadeHelicopter #diyRCHeli

durham regional police helicopter remote control


RC Heli Thunder Tiger Innovator MD530 with new fiberglass scale body fuselage – Part 3

Hi Folks,

this time you can apprecciate the incredible performance that my Innovator is capable to do in extremely windy conditions

Please see Part 4 ( )

Hope you enjoy


Mechanics: Storm
Copter X 4 blade head
Servos: Graupner
Bavarian Demon 3x
Kontronik 40 Amp.
HeliArtist BO105
Storm 450 semilar Align T-Rex 450

You can also watching many more extreme aerobatics and jets flying, spectacular and magical videos of helicopters and planes models world in my channel

Vario Helicopter RC Giant Scale Model:

*Holm und Rippenbruch!*
*a good and crash-free flight*


RC Scratch Building – Fiberglass Fuselage Without a Mold

This video outlines the process I used to fabricate the fuselage for my 1/4 scale Pitts Challenger III.

The process involves making a simplified plug and laying the final, airworthy fuselage directly on that plug. This saves considerable time over building a detailed plug and pulling a complex mold from it. There are advantages to that method, but for models that you only want to build 1 or 2 of this alternate method can save you a lot of time.

Full details on the build can be found at

Music by Eric Matyas
“Monster Street Fighters”
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RC 600 50 Heli Coast Guard Fuselage with Strobes

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