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Our first amateur rc heli video….! You will see Mikado + ElyQ + Outrage helis electric and nitros :) :) :) Thank you for watching :) :)


IRCHA 2012 Fun Fly Largest RC Helicopter Event in the US

This is the 2012 IRCHA event hosted in Indiana. Gens Ace and Hobbypartz.com received great praise from awesome customers and fans. It was a pleasure for our team to attend this year’s IRCHA event. We thank all of our pilots, fans and customers for their continuous support! We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event! Weather was awesome, Pilots were amazing, Fireworks were spectacular. DEFINITELY a must see if you are a fan of RC Helicopters. Check out Gens Ace batteries at www.Hobbypartz.com For the latest in RC Helicopters visit http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

It has become popular to use a single 6s battery in a 12s 700mm size helicopter to do low RPM 3D aerobatics. But what if you could still use higher voltage with the same capacity battery? I had to use a lower kV motor because of gearing and ESC limitations, but it can do mild 3D for 11 minutes while still having some heft and balance to handle high wind.


RC Heli vs RC Buggy – The Chase

A Mikado Logo 10 chasing an RC Buggy. And the winner is …


Logo24 Bionic RC Helicopter – Aerobatic Flight

Having some fun with the Bionic.


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