Hirobo Shuttle ZXX rc heli

Flying my RC helicopter

Helicopter: Hirobo Shuttle ZXX Clear Blue (1999)
Transmitter: T9C Super with TM8 2.4 Ghz Fasst Module
Receiver: R 6014 HS
Gyro: G300
Servo’s: S3001
Engine: OS 32 SX-H

Hirobo chinook electric
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2 Responses to “Hirobo Shuttle ZXX rc heli”

  • Lavneet Gyani:

    Thanks for your comment on my video…I think i'll first also practice on a single rotor FP chopper before going into the CP ones….

  • Lavneet Gyani:

    Hi there nice flying….
    i saw your other video 'wish i could fly' on the hirobo XRB and read your comment that it helps you with the ZXX… I am in the same boat you were 2 yrs ago and have the XRB for about 2 weeks with about 50 flights and have become good at it…(please see my video).. you think I can graduate to a 30 size for out door flying now (first few weeks with tail in hovering) and then the flying around etc?

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