Flying Through A Huge Wind Turbine, Enercon E-82 FPV RC Helicopter Heli Stunt Blades Mill Funny Fail

Autorotation, chasing a bike and flying through a wind turbine. 19th and 20th FPV helicopter flight Live video feed, video from onboard camera gets transmitt…
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23 Responses to “Flying Through A Huge Wind Turbine, Enercon E-82 FPV RC Helicopter Heli Stunt Blades Mill Funny Fail”

  • BartLCY10:

    Great video, mate! Thankfully you don’t live in US, otherwise you would be
    probably arrested and sentenced to Guantanamo

  • Dirk Zuchner:

    Great video and wow impressive flown again :-))

  • jimbobbillygoat:

    I really enjoyed the video. What interesting angles you can film from. And
    I love when the guy on the bike ducked as you were buzzing him. Thanks for

  • SuperMiller1972:


  • muni86:

    @petleh82 The heli is too small to see it up there. Take a look at “Very
    Funny RC Helicopter Auto Crash”. OK this was a cheap camera but I think
    even with a good zoom it would be hard. The helicopter would be at least
    108m away. You would only see a dot.

  • TiagoTiagoT:

    How bad would be the bill if you crashed into one of the turbine blades?

  • OnTourWithGerrit:

    PLEASE take care of the music. The worst thing, which can happen, that your
    video gets deleted. And your videos are very good. Sie sind einfach zu
    schade dafür, um gesperrt zu werden.

  • segtoy:

    muy bueno tu video


    @muni86 Thanks mate, will have to look-in to getting me a good flybarless
    CP. when you say they have gyro’s on all axes, do they actually work at
    keeping the heli level? not just to stop the tail spinning like on my honey

  • wobbleboyde:

    sorry i just read it in your description, sorry! Go on dude!

  • UltraXryder:

    Very cool, we have a very large wind farm here in Remington Indiana and I’d
    love to get into the hobby of RC choppers like this one

  • muni86:

    @TheMursk I guess only 250m with the heli

  • H123Laci:

    wow. thats fucking cool…

  • moskoDK:

    Cool intro.

  • FrEekGaming:

    Could you do a set up on how and where you got the video goggles and the
    hardware and setup required please.

  • menohaveaname:

    @muni86 Wow! Nice!

  • skrag69:

    Epic FPV flight ! Congrulations from Belgium 😀

  • wobbleboyde:

    really nice dude, how much cost it?

  • RODNEY L.:

    That was an awesome video, bud! That was cool! I thought ya was gonnuh fly
    inverted through the wind turbine blades a couple different times!

  • FivelingoPilotVieuw:

    Congratulations, this movie really shows your confidence to fly a heli FPV
    style. Marvellous !!!

  • muni86:

    @RCHELIBUG I think the CP helis are more stable because they are generally
    bigger and more precise. The Walkera 22e is a collective pitch heli but it
    is so small and made of cheap components, I could only hover tail-in
    safely. At that time I have already made my first 3D flights with the 450
    helicopter…….. If you take a Flybarless system the flying will become
    more easier, especially at windy conditions. Then you have gyros on all

  • dabsmakemeparanoid:

    war so kla das der opa anhält 😀 haha

  • muni86:

    @padifreak2 Alles zusammen ca. 3000 Euro, von Null beginnend (ohne
    Abstürze) Man baut einen beliebigen RC Hubi zusammen und gibt dann die
    Kamera mit Sender rauf Die FPV Ausrüstung habe ich von bevrc,com und
    fpvsystems,com Mehr Info in der Videobeschreibung

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