DJI FPV Military Spy Helicopter

DJI Fpv Military Spy Helicopter? We hacked the Eachine E120 for fun. DJI Fpv Mod and flight test by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC. #rchelicopter #blackhornet #military #usmilitary

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11 Responses to “DJI FPV Military Spy Helicopter”

  • @chigger7782:


  • @djfelixxuk9798:

    I've just put an analogue aio fpv setup on Rc Era's C186 version of the Eachine C120 and currently test flying it. Will upload some footage onto my channel soon.

  • @samsonstrike:

    -joke? i like the steps while walking and holding the Heli…?

  • @casper2yall:

    This is really cool, I just ordered one…

  • @curbspank:

    anyone else get a message saying they "won" a drone prize that then comes with a $150 shipping charge? seemed both too good to be true and also like a scam.

  • @snapgarrett1:

    Great video. Just wanted to say that your backyard is really, really nice

  • @theoztreecrasher2647:

    The protocol for these is now available for the Multi Radios. 83 – E120/sub C186. Seems it is also used on the XK K127 so you could also use the Tx from that – the gimbals are much better on that one.

  • @overfly_pt:

    Super cool ?

  • @genefoxgreenmountaindroning:

    Nice video and review

  • @damonhinton3665:

    Great job, i wanted to do something similar, my only concern is power can you show how you set up power for the air unit. do you need to solder battery leads?

  • @lynsmith1096:

    Nice 1 Justin.

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