1. Beginner: RC Helicopter Pilot Proficiency Program

Level 1 is the most basic of the program. These exercises and exercises will help you become a better RC helicopter pilot through structured lessons and tutorials. They lay the foundations as we move through the next few lessons in this flying school series.

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Take-off
0:31 Stationary Hover
1:44 Hover Laterally
3:10 Multiple-level Hover
3:50 3/4 Rear View Hovering
4:39 Full Lateral View Hovering
5:46 Diagonal Hovering
7:27 Constant Heading Circle
8:57 Conclusion

IRCHA Pilot Proficiency Program

PPP Program

RC Heli Nation Pilot Proficiency Program

The RCHN Pilot Proficiency Program

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16 Responses to “1. Beginner: RC Helicopter Pilot Proficiency Program”

  • @nexgenRC:

    I absolutely LOVE your videos. Exactly what rc heli pilots need! Thanks for the show mention as well!

  • @GallagherRC:

    What sim are you using in your videos?

  • @pickled_finn_rc:

    Great info! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, us newbies appreciate it!

  • @thehumblepundit9790:

    I must say that I’ve been in this hobby for over a decade off and on. More off because of frustration with my lack of progression and the cost of repairs. I recently got the urge to start up again and found your vids through HF. What an inspiration. You’re vids are the first I ever really connected with and through them I realized I never really learned to fly properly. So I went back the basics. Thanks a million.

  • @howintesting940:

    This is not a bad vid, but, sorry to say, falls into the same inefficient instruction area so that it does not say anything about "stick movement".
    Whatever way heli moves must be accomplished via user's stick movement. You can easily say, "move circularly," but how to? This is what a beginner would like to know first thing.

  • @RCCopterLove-helis4ever:

    Thank you so much for this video series! It is so good to do all these training steps ieven if I am is more advanced. And if it is to keep the precision always alive and to do sometimes things you don't do in "everyday flying".

  • @n8rloves2fly:

    Thanks for taking the time to do all of your progression videos, thank you for not leaving any steps out. I will be using these a lot!
    Great job

  • @rochaeliasbr:

    Boa !

  • @Stoykofky:

    Thanks you and give a thumbs up for this great lesson, Richard well done

  • @seancorbin9840:

    Another good reason to hover around the 6 foot or 2 meter mark is you are out of ground wash and the Heli isn’t flying in its own turbulent air making it more stable

  • @davidnelson1322:

    Excellent – been looking for this content for months. Any chance you can get some other pilots of other standards to show us – what progression is needed to get to your level. Can I Suggest another video about over controlling. ( I know I do this but don't know the cause – other then being late correcting and then correcting too much)

  • @leepering4440:

    Hi great video what sim are you using ? i use phoenix and real flight 7 and no matter how hard i try i cannot Matane a stationary hover not sure if its me or the flight sim


    Don’t want to embarrass you on HF so I’ll say it here – your videos are my inspiration & give me the will to carry on when I feel like giving up. Because of you I haven’t given up & am fast approaching the ‘it’s clicked’ stage. Thank you Richard.

  • @user-rydersu:

    Thank you.

  • @chargestate42:

    Excellent! Your videos are fantastic!

  • @cruxio02:

    Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort for us newbies.

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