RC heli crashes – beginners, Loctite, setup and fire.

28 crashes in 6 minutes 😉
This is a video I made from individual videos found on internet. Just an impression of what can go wrong with beginners… and pro’s.
In this movie:
– Orientation lost
– No Loctite
– Wrong setups
– Forgot to on/off the idle switch
– ESC fire bonus

The original remarks are used to categorize the movie. Don’t blame the messenger. All credits go to the original up loaders!

I hate to see all those helicopters go down because I know how it feels!
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13 Responses to “RC heli crashes – beginners, Loctite, setup and fire.”

  • Mahinoor Al-Sabban:

    pick a pot line?

  • RC Fun Fly:

    Cooles Video! Ja, das richtige Setup und Loctite ist nicht zu vernachlässigen! Sonst kann es schief gehen.?

  • psygn0sis:

    I lol'd at the beginners running 600 and 700 size helis and destroying them in a matter of seconds.?

  • mreid08:

    3:06 was the best!?

  • koch:

    Just crashed because I didn't have enough locktite on my trex 700n  BRAND NEW!….  Sucked big time?

  • simphizz:

    When a lipo starts burning, just safe your life, not the heli ^^?

  • jeroen0011:

    Every rc heli ever :-), i don't think i'll ever be rly good @ it and when my jamara e-rix 6 channel is really broken i wont buy a new one ether?

  • Nordmann61:

    Thank you to all that was brave enough to upload their crashes and mistakes, most just upload when it goes well, not their crashes!
    It is also a stark reminder how dangerous this hobby can be, if you are hit in the face, head or body with any of these helicopters, especially the big ones it could lead to serious crippling injury or be fatal.
    Helis are not toys, and must be taken seriously, safety first everybody. Cheers.?

  • MrLPMirror:

    Random thing – all "setup"-crashes have been due to wrong "directions" of the stabilizer – either head or tail worked the wrong way^^?

  • Doom2pro:

    LOL @ ESC Fires…. Put a slow-blow fuse in series with the ESC… Rate it at least twice the max current, because when a MOSFET latches it will easily draw 10x ESC current, but even the most demanding 3D won't go over 2x ESC amperage for long enough to pop fuse.?

  • jimmy D:

    I have done some of them but the best one is when main rotor and shaft take off straight up , she forgot the Jesus bolt haven't done that one yet.?

  • mike waplak:

    the one at 6:00 ohh c'mon ?

  • jessdigs:

    Great compilation.I have done the forgot loctite one?

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