Eachine E160 RTF Flybarless Brushless 6G 3D RC Helicopter Flight Test Review

This RC helicopter is not for beginners. It is intended as an entry level hobby grade helicopter for pilots wishing to advance from toy grade brushed motor helicopters. It’s fully capable of 3D acrobatics. But I recommend that new helicopter pilots forgo the urge to hit that 3D switch until you put some simulator time in, and are fully comfortable with flying it. The E160 may be purchased here http://bit.ly/EachineE160

The RC simulator dongle and cables that I used with this controller may be purchased here. RC simulator software is also included, although some have had issues with installation of the software. If you have problems installing, you may be able to download other simulator software for use with this dongle. The dongle and cables are the most important items, and this price ain’t bad for them http://bit.ly/RC_Simulator

– Hobby grade helicopter that would be the next step above the Eachine E119. Fully capable of 3D acrobatic flight, including inverted hover.
– 156 grams with battery. Does not require registration in most countries.
– Ready to fly with included Futaba compatible (S-FHSS) transmitter and installed receiver. Can also install optional Spektrum (DSM2/X), PPM and SBUS receivers for use with other transmitters if desired.
– Nylon/carbon fiber damage resistant rotor blades.
– All metal rotor hub with metal pitch horns, plastic (but thick) pitch control links, metal swashplate, metal control rods. Swashplate is fully functional with true cyclic and collective control.
– Three high precision servos for controlling the swashplate.
– Brushless 1308 Hulk main motor.
– Carbon fiber, damage resistant tail boom.
– Brushless 1104 tail rotor motor.
– Three included 7.4V 700mah batteries, each capable of producing close to 8 minutes of flight.
– Six channel (I counted eight) transmitter controller with 1) Throttle (collective), 2) Pitch, 3) Roll, 4) Yaw. Switches include 5) Idle, 6) 3D/6G, 7) Low/High Rates, and 8) Throttle Hold.

– Although 6G stabilization is included to ease flying, this powerful brushless helicopter is not intended for beginner fliers. Its high speed rotor blades can cause damage to whatever they impact. I would also not recommend this for indoor flying for the same reason.
– Metal main motor pinion gear engaging plastic main gear. I can see it easily stripping the plastic gear in a crash. Fortunately a spare main gear is included.

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15 Responses to “Eachine E160 RTF Flybarless Brushless 6G 3D RC Helicopter Flight Test Review”

  • edward allen:

    funny thing if the norm was to fly upside down, then every one would be impressed by flying right side up.

  • jake lang:

    Not at all for beginners..who's ever saying it is ,is a cash grab..maybe if you had a trainer

  • yotti guerra:

    Hello nice video..I have the same helicopter but for now Im practicing with the rc simulator…you can help me talking about the what is the button position for a stable flight…..thank so.much

  • Harpoontang75:

    When do we get to the puppy.

  • Celso Costa:

    Many thanks for the review. It’s clear that you were happy doing that. Despite that is exactly what I was looking for since I’m not a manual addicted kkk

  • riccardo freda:

    HI, thanks for this video. I had a problem with my e160; can you cofirm
    me that is there just one a conic washer between roto head set and main
    blade clip? Thank you in advance!

  • Ray Parker:

    This copter most definitely needs pitch curve and throttle curve tamed out of the box for beginners!

  • Hugh:

    Thank You, I have been looking for a video that gives tips on how to fly the E160 in 6G. Most videos jump right into 3D flight. Some of us are not ready for that yet. Well Done!

  • Ray Parker:

    Banggood refunded and I purchased new PDB, ESC, and flight controller. Works great!

  • Christos Ioannou:

    Hi! Flicking from 6g to 3d in flight is doable.
    However while in flight, it does not seem to be possible to switch to 6g while in 3d. I need to land, then switch to 6g.
    Am I missing something?

  • random269:

    This is not the us standard, down on controller is up.

  • Ray Parker:

    Plugged in second battery and 5v regulator popped. 3 beeps but no last two for flight controller. No lights or bind. Trying to get Banggood to make it right.

  • Kelvin Bloomfield:

    Flies the same as the 129 in that mode .Nice review

  • senior zasader:

    good morning good morning good morning

  • Benedik Bustamante:

    i love drone

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