Rc-heli flight lesson 9… Piro flips and variations (freddys flight academy)

in the lesson we cover

how to perform the piro flip and other cool variations, piro flips are one of the many vary hard and advanced trick that take a long time to master. Take your time with this one and have fun.


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  • Endy X:

    thank you very easy to understand.im still learning this pirouette flip.

  • Maksym Arshynkin:

    Good lesson. I had learned how to do half-piroflip before I was watching this video, thus it took me 2 sim sessions (1 hour each) to learn full-piroflip. I have to practice more in sim ( for week or two ) to try this in real flight.
    Thanks for this video

  • fazzyman:

    This guys is just pure amazing. I learnt piro flips and working them into my 3D flights throughout this video. Amazing tutorial. Have fun and fly safe??????

  • Andrew robinson:

    I did one of these by accident lol and crashed completely confused myself was doing roles and flips and front flipped and got all mixed up your comment about flu hard and don't be scared to crash had my first big crash but part of the learning process I did a tictoc tho impressed myself with that lol

  • Monocle FPV:

    I’m getting back into helis after I stopped around the time of the Blade 700x release. I’m back. Just bought an Align 150x and still have my blade 500x and 550x. And a slew of micros. I’m just basic 3d. Thank you so much for these videos. Maybe I can finally fly 3d the way I want to. What simulator are you using? I use a DX8 and would like to use my sticks on a simulator. Thanks again.

  • Jason Day:

    Grreat videos wish you would post more

  • Brendan Shields:

    Great vid thanks for your efforts Freddy!

  • Alden Padron:

    Collective is killing me to do this ?

  • Todd Speck:

    Such an amazing instructor! I can understand you very well.

  • netanel hobara:

    thanks..the best

  • PassinThru:

    Good job!

  • Dane Nakasone:

    varial heelflips, chapstick eyelids waring may hurt if washing face. chapstick pyro flip upperlip to corners of nose.

  • Trigenetic:

    My Nano and incoming hcp100s will be great for this stuff :p then to the Chase 360 later 🙂

  • trexinvert:

    Thanks Freddy.  FINALLY A TRUE "HALF" PIRO!!!!  I've been chasing this maneuver for almost 7 years.  You also turn into the piroflip from a standstill, which is the safest/most controlled manner.  Also, the only way to really show the maneuver. Going into a dumb spin and then stick stirring is just too hypnotic!

  • SupremeRC & Esk8 Tech:

    Hey freddycanfly, I've been watching your videos for a few years it seams. I'd like to say thanks for sharing your time and helping us improve our skills. I quit heli flying because it was so hard and I never could accomplish any moves without totalling my heli every time I tried. So I quit and went to fixed wing. Now I'm doing 3d with fw.

    So I'm willing to give the cp heli a try again, I no it takes a lot of practice so I'm not going to by another heli until I get it know the Sim.

    So I'm trying to find what setting I should use. How does one no what setting he should start with. Expo /Dr. ?

    I feel comfortable hovering, figure 8, inverted. I just get lost when my tail slides out inverted.

    Maybe if you have time (I no your busy with the new Web site) let me no where you started maybe this will further me in this side of the hobby. One day I can help ppl learn to fly….

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