Rc-Heli flight lesson 5… basic inverted hovers and orientations (freddys flight academy)

in this lesson:

we cover, basic inverted hovers and orientations. This is the first of many great exercises that will help build your 3d flying skills. please note that this kind of flying does not happen over night, but is done with dedication and practice.
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12 Responses to “Rc-Heli flight lesson 5… basic inverted hovers and orientations (freddys flight academy)”

  • Johannes Gmeiner:

    Great videos! Your videos are a treasure!

  • SMaze17:

    Fantastic videos Freddy. Thx so much for making these.

  • Joseph Rueck:

    btw found a cheap way to learn inverted flight nano cps

  • Joseph Rueck:

    is that a flight sim just wondering when yu flipped the heli it paused at a seep angle if i am explaining it correctly. If I did that with my 450x it would take off down the block

  • Gary Vale:

    @ Freddy…I just got my Align Trex 800 in the mail today…I have never flown a heli before, but it doesn't look too hard…. I plan on watching all your videos today, then be out at the field, first thing in the morning…performing all the 3D maneuvers….. thanks for your help

  • turd toss:

    Great instuctor,i'm now inverted on the sim,next step will be at the field.Just ordered a Trex 450l so when its built will give it a whirl,let you know how it goes.Thanks Freddy.

  • Pete Smith:

    Working on this now — takes time  :<

  • fredheimer:

    hey freddy, you cannot let it to show us your "making mouth-watery" advanced figures like piroflips at the end of the video 😉

  • alimacdee:

    Great stuff again…why no hints or instruction on how the heli now turns inverted? in relation to the collective and cyclic? like which controls are now reversed?

  • Hansley Baines:

    Great Videos

  • Laby 70:

    Freddy, how much sim time did you do before attemting hover on the real heli?

  • darus barbee:

    Then how do you even know how much different/sensitive it is if you've never tired? haaha

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