My first proper BIG RC Heli ! YXZNRC F280 3D Sport Helicopter

My first proper BIG RC Heli ! YXZNRC F280 3D Sport Helicopter

My first proper BIG RC Heli ! YXZNRC F280 3D Sport Helicopter
Expires: 31 January 2024
My version came with just the helicopter and 3 batteries. I plugged in a DSMX satellite receiver and setup a new model on my Radiomaster TX16S radio.

Filmed by Trevor for the Essential RC YouTube channel using the Panasonic HC-X2 Pro 4K camcorder at our local model flying club.

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10 Responses to “My first proper BIG RC Heli ! YXZNRC F280 3D Sport Helicopter”

  • @perimeterrc278:

    This is an incredible helicopter and with the correct settings it can be exceptionally smooth flying. I liked it so much that I purchased a second one. Mine are BNF with Kensun satellite receiver bound to a Spektrum DX9. As someone else mentioned, the head speed is too high for beginner flight…..the throttle curve for the normal flight mode should probably be around 55%.

  • @patrickhein4939:

    When purchasing the BNF version, is an sbus receiver included or do I need to buy one?

  • @MrBvbike:

    Good job ? Were you able to get the bluetooth setup app to work? Tried mine with many different devices but the app can’t seem to be able to connect properly… the company does not seem to be in a rush to fix / support it unfortunately…

  • @RC-Flight:

    I’m new to helis, and have two collective pitch a GooSky S1 and the GooSky RS4. Yes you are right about the orientation part!
    I’ve been flying radio controlled airplanes since 1981 and have very little problem with an airplane’s orientation. But these helicopters are a different story!!! My brain is having a hard time catching on LOL ??

  • @alwaysflying6540:

    You did great. You need to turn that headspeed down its way too fast. I would run that for hard 3d. The helicopter is pitch sensitive because of this. Slow her down lol

  • @maxwellgeorge1985:

    With due respect it is nice to see videos of someone who is not an ace and admits to struggling.
    Well done you give me hope!
    I am a late 70s self taught heli pilot, still struggling!!!

  • @Scenium:

    That canopy design is such a Goblin RAW 420 rip off! ? And actually flying a helicopter even if it's in stability mode is such a rewarding feeling. I don't get all these GPS helis that do a stunt at the press of a button. It's way more rewarding doing it by yourself. I have recently started doing some ugly flips with my helis. And that's after 4 years of doing circuits and figure 8's. ?

  • @winstonsmith7801:

    I like the brushless motor for the tail . Better than a high maintenance belt drive.

  • @SiR2Dean:

    I got a small blade heli last yr, I can fly in safe mode but can I hell get my head around the controls without it ? they look amazing, helis do, but I struggle like hell to fly them ? always full of admiration when I see one handling so well

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