Rc-heli flight lesson 6… Flip and roll combos (freddys flight academy)

in this lesson:

we cover, flip and roll combos also the mobius loop. This is an advanced lesson so please study and work hard before attempting this in real time flying.
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11 Responses to “Rc-heli flight lesson 6… Flip and roll combos (freddys flight academy)”

  • Johannes Gmeiner:

    The mobius loop is pretty hard for me: As soon as I flip the Heli (momentum shift), I'm troubled leveling the heli out and setting it up for the next turn. In a wide figure 8 it is okay, but as soon as it get's tighter, I'm having trouble… Guess I got to practice more.

  • Stan F:

    I've been enjoying your videos, this one especially. Looking forward to viewing more of them.

  • Otis Skopik:

    great teaching video

  • metallica fans:

    hy freddy…
    whould you mind to tech me 3d flight in mode 1 . . . . ???

  • David Shaffer:

    What flight simulator do you use?

  • fredheimer:

    Nice Video, very helpful. How long did you fly RC helicopters freddy? as long as i can see, you are a very andvanced pilot. it looks so easy what you do but it isn't 🙂 will have alot of practice to master this exercises

  • Brandon Still:

    Very clear training. It's lots of help. Thanks

  • Delbert williams:

    He keeps wanting to drift on me in the game what do I do

  • David Decker:

    I recently watched your training videos using a flight simulator and were very helpful; thank you! I am looking to purchase a flight simulator and would like to know which one you used for  your videos?

  • David Shoji:

    Thanks Freddy! You really help us to enjoy even more this hobby, cheers!

  • In2Helis:

    Very Helpfull Thanx

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