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How I SOLVED my TAIL WAG – and you can too

This is the story of my Trex 470 tail wag, everything I tried to sort it and what eventually did.


RC Heli KDS 450 SV Hallenflug mit Align T – Rex tuning

Hallo, der KDS 450 SV wurde etwas umgebaut und verstärkt.

HC 3X Base Update auf Xtreme
Robbe Futaba R2008SB Empfänger, mit S – BUS direkt in das HC 3
3X Graupner DES 291 BB MG Taumelscheiben Servos
Align DS 520 M Heckservo
Robbe Roxxy BL 940-6
Taumelscheiben Anlenkgestänge vom T – Rex 500
RJX FBL Rotorkopf
Align Hauptrotorblätter
Schräg verzahntes Ritzel und Hauptzahnrad von Align

Durch den Umbau hat sich das Flugverhalten zum Original Aufbau deutlich verbessert.

Bis denn dann


Musik im Video
How’s It Supposed to Feel – NEFFEX


Trex 700 RC Helicopter Flying | RC MODEL 3D HELICOPTER FLIGHT | rc helicopter

Best Big RC Helicopter 2.4GHZ Remote Control Altitude Hold 6 Channel in Nitrol Series, Practice on absolute rc helicopter Simulator Rc HELICOPTER MODELS with 3D flight are awesome.
trex 700 rc helicopter sticks movement, Enjoy the Video.

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MY Best of crashes trex 450 belt cp rc helis

This is video made by me with some nasty crashes of my hdx 450 se and a frainds belt cp. It inclouds many crashes i had at the 3 firs months i started flying rc helis. It realy coasts to learn plus i spend some hours on the sim :)) ENJOY

Nice RC Helicopter to have:



Winter Snow Fun With ATVs & RC Heli (T-Rex 500)

Winter Snow Fun With ATVs & RC Heli (T-Rex 500)

Today my daughters and myself went on a little snow adventure. We got out the ATVs & motorcycle and went on a little journey to fly my Align T-Rex 500 RC helicopter. We didn’t have the best of luck, but it was still a fun adventure lol. Enjoy!

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Trex 450 RC helicopter first time attempting sport flying

This is my first time attempting sport flying with forward flight roll, and FF with backflip to backwards flight, backwards flight with forward flip to forward flight and an attempt at a tic toc.
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Building my RC helicopter Align T-Rex 250 Pro

It’s a very old video, i posted now because i am not so busy…
I continue to progress in flying RC helicopters but i am still not capable to fly like a professional…
In this video, i build my first helicopter, i think it is a good step to understand how these fantastic machines work…
My collection grow up again and again…
Enjoy this video…
Do not hesitate to comment…

Musics :
Music : Missy Elliott – Ragtime Interlude / I’m Really Hot (Album : This Is Not A Test!) – Buy It Here :

Dr. Dre – What’s The Difference & Dr. Dre – F*** You (The Next Episode) – Buy It Here :

The autorotaion at the ending is just awesome! Great job Ed!


Kasama Shrimok 90 RC Helicopter Up Close OS 91 HZ R 3D Speed Engine

Close up shots of this immaculate Kasama Shrimok 90 RC helicopter powered by a OS 91 HZ R 3D Speed Engine. Peter shows his flying skills with some 3D of his own. Fantastic engineering and a great build.
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Largest / biggest coaxial rc helicopter – Heli looping & landing

rc helicopter – largest / biggest coaxial rc helicopter – biggest jet powered coaxial heli – Helicopter Looping & rc helicopter rotordays landing –
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Styrian Rotordays Turnau –
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RC helicopter fpv landing with camera / fpv helicopter start / Scale Heli Supershow / landing a helicopter / Hubschrauber Kunstflug: Wonderful scale helis and a fantastic helicopter looping show by Red Bull world champion Siegfried Schwarz with his fullscale heli BO-109 / Flying Bulls. Styrian Rotordays Turnau. Two weeks later you can see the Air Challenge in Kapfenberg..Helis: BO 105 / EC-135 / Bell 429 / Kamov / Bell Cobra / Mil Mi 24. The ORF report you’ll find at “ORF Steiermark Heute on demand”!
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hubschrauber kunstflug .
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Properly Tracking Your RC Helicopter Blades |

Watch as ReadyHeli’s Rich Schultz walks you through the proper way to track the rotorblades of your RC helicopter. Follow these easy steps during your build or when making adjustments. We promise it will get you back in the air quickly.

This is a great video for beginners and novices alike.

Find all the items for your RC Heli needs at
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