Rc-Heli flight lesson 2… tail turns vs momentum turns (freddycanflyrc.com)

Please view on freddycanflyrc.com for the full flight academy series. I am so thank full for all the support of my friends out there. please enjoy the web site as it continues to grow.

in this lesson:

we cover tail and momentum based turns, learning how u can play with both for some cool slow and fast paced turns. This exercise is great for learning and understanding momentum controll.


10 Responses to “Rc-Heli flight lesson 2… tail turns vs momentum turns (freddycanflyrc.com)”

  • Ray Huang:

    ON my two SIM's (accuRC, Heli-X) I cannot do collective free. I cant find a collective amount and my hovers arent too out of control. Machine bobs to ground to sky and my fingers not on the collective. Thanks for videos.

  • ExCCHP:

    New to rc and cp helis. Been struggling with forward flight for a couple months. Within 3 days of finding your vids am getting the hang of it. U r an excellent teacher. Thank you for taking the time to make this series.

  • SunSon29:

    Question: @2:16, I dont understand it. How comes the heli will make a turn if you only give rudder. I tried, heli will rotate, but just still keep moving straight forward. What I missed ? Anyone can help ?

  • Bobby Susenbach:

    Great video, thanks! Which park were you flying (in the sim)? It looks like Port Everglades area (Fort Lauderdale FL).

  • Julyan Percival:

    Jst strted 100% noob, soon as configured DX9 yh I know right…Will be using yr tutorials EVERYONE HAS SAID LEARN to HOVER then LEARN to HOVER…..! nice Fredster.x

  • jpcoll2011:

    At the end…… what a show off lol

  • Kalibasau RC:

    Thank for u lesson nice fly

  • Figu Wolf:

    Great and helpful content. Thanks for sharing your knowledge ?
    Liked and subscribed
    Greetings from Austria ??

  • Mario Enrique Moreno Reyes:

    Hello, can you tell me which simulator you are using in your classes, thank you very much Mario.

  • Mad Bren:

    Your videos are very informative, personally iam not into 3d flying but I can appreciate the pure skill it takes to do it and my hat off to any pilot that performers such manoeuvres. Even when I flew planes I was always into nice gentle flying. Just getting into helis for now as they are awesome a totally different learning curve.

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