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Cheerson – CX-10 (2014 World’s Smallest Quadcopter) – Review and Flight

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This is my review of the Cheerson CX-10, which is the new World’s Smallest Quadcopter, beating the Estes Proto X / Hubsan Q4 by just a tad! It flies great, flips great, and is just an all-around great little nano quad… I highly recommend this one, and the price is great!

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Parrot Mini Drone review – The “Rolling spider”

The Parrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact, palm sized quadcopter drone controlled by a smartphone and using a sophisticated sensor array of an ultrasonic sensor, a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, a vertical camera and a pressure sensor.
“6 times lighter than AR.Drone and the same flight stability thanks to an autopilot based on a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer.
• Pressure sensor for the flight altitude
• Ultrasonic sensor for precision flying near the ground
• Its vertical camera at 60 fps measures the speed comparing previous image.
This ultra-sophisticated technology based on sensor data fusion makes Rolling Spider one of the world’s most stable drones.
It has an exclusive free-fall take-off mode: its engines start when you drop it.
Capture aerial views with the vertical mini-camera.”
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JunCheng – 3015-2 Mini Drone – Review and Flight

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This quad is quite fast, and looks like a micro version of the Cheerson CX-20.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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HiSky HMX280 RC Quadcopter Review

HiSky HMX280 comes with big promises from company but disappoints us big time seeing none of their claims come true. Company claims that this quadcopter can do 100km per hour speed flights, which turns out to be totally wrong. Flight controller is totally not tweaked right and not suitable for high speed flying.

But when it comes to having a Ready to fly Cheap Quadcopter that you can use to practice flying proximity FPV and FPV racing with mild speeds using your own FPV Gear, HiSky HMX280 will do the job.

Honestly though, this Quad had nothing to impress me apart from its durability and a bit of faster speed compared to other toy grade quadcopters. Enjoy the video review and if you want to get into FPV Racing, take my advice and invest in a quality and a proper FPV Racing quadcopter kit.

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Mini Airwolf rc helicopter (review)

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