Eachine – E120 RTF Heli – Unbox, Build, Radio Setup, & Maiden Flights + Camera Crew Flights!!!

E120 https://bit.ly/3OOmlOi
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E200 https://bit.ly/3RemwEd (Coupon: BGa7b42d – 10% off – 7/7-31/22)

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14 Responses to “Eachine – E120 RTF Heli – Unbox, Build, Radio Setup, & Maiden Flights + Camera Crew Flights!!!”

  • Shaul Balas:

    What is A Blade ?

  • Arun Yadav:

    Is this e120 helicopter can bind with flysky FS-I6 transmitter?


    Mine just arrived today, one flight and I love the size of it and simple battery installation ??

  • Steve M:

    Hey from the UK! I'm trying to decide on this or the K123 heli. What would your vote be?

  • Darkness Moto:

    Insane tech advancements! I remember the Blade mcx (yellow, coaxial, incredibly fragile) being like $200 in like 2009-2010 and another $150 in parts after the first crash. So cool what you can get with these modern helis

  • secretagb:

    It sure seems just fine indoors or you got a good one. I've watched several other vids where pilots were having issues with position hold outdoors. But to be fair that could have just been too much wind despite it being quite calm? idk, but you should head outside and compare it just to see if it's more likely unable to handle wind or the others have had bum units with poor correction.

  • Kopterheld FPV Racing:

    like the little heli. I have only the E110 but E120 look very nice. I need one.

  • MrRaymond1021:

    I've just noticed that tail light, and I think it's an awesome looking little heli? BTW, I just subscribe to the channel. I thought it was a great review. Thanks for sharing. ???

  • Digranni RC Truck:

    Most wonderful ?

  • C Rota Flying Solo:

    Searched for your video on the E110, wanted to leave this note there, but couldn't find it, did you delete it?!
    Anyway was wondering if you had looked further into the features of the 110 after your original review? While in the APP operation there is the button on the right called gravity/Gyro the picture looks like the little Gyro toy from our childhood.
    Allows you to fly it by just tilting the phone L, R, U, & Down! The throttle is the left stick on the screen. Just thought I'd mention it if you had missed it?
    Got mine last week, yes ordered it through your link from BG.

  • Engineer Ahmed:

    U should build a scale airport for all these in scale micros….G8 vidieo..Vintage Brian Philip video style.

  • Kevin Lytle:

    My OH-58 Bell Jet Ranger in the army rotated the same direction.

  • Borneo Rc Film:

    nice sir ????

  • 08maxout:

    Brian, I ordered my eachine E120, could not resist, nice video.

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