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Eachine E160 Review – Impressive Brushless Tail Hold & Performance

Eachine E160 Review - Impressive Brushless Tail Hold & Performance

Detailed Eachine E160 review including test flight with three different setups (tame, sport, 3D). The E160 is a great flying little collective pitch RC helicopter to suit all flying styles. It’s powerful enough for heart pounding 3D, or can be tamed right down for nice gentle scale type flying. Flybarless stabilization performance is impressive with a fluid and precise feel.

If you are torn between the XK K130 vs the Eachine E160, the E160 is not much more money, however, it’s a much better value as it improves on the shortcomings of the K130.
The single biggest performance improvement is in tail hold & authority thanks to a proper direct drive brushless tail rotor motor. It’s all but impossible to get the tail to blow out on the Eachine E160, even when trying. Brushless tail motors also last much longer than brushed coreless tail motors.

Other E160 improvements include a stronger and better cooled main brushless motor, longer flight times with slightly larger capacity LiPo & better power efficiency, metal geared swashplate servos & stronger landing struts. Some will find the E160’s canopy graphics easier to see which is always a welcome feature on any small micro collective pitch RC helicopter.

Out of the box, the Eachine E160 3D RC Helicopter is Futaba S-FHSS protocol ready, but provides receiver compatibility with Spektrum DSM, S-Bus, and PPM.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, capable little collective pitch RC helicopter to fly & practice with in your yard, the E160 should definitely be on your short list of micro 3D collective pitch RC helicopters to check out.

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Video Chapter Time Index:
– Intro 0:00
– Unboxing & What You Get 1:35
– Design & Components 4:35
– LiPo Discussion 11:59
– Setup Overview 14:16
– Test Flight 17:52
– Final Thoughts: 22:57

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JAB Custom Canopies and Heli Repair

JAB Custom Canopies and Heli Repair

Here is a short video(Slide Show) with canopies Ive painted, Im very resonably priced and do heli building and heli repair. Feel free to call me or email me for a quote.
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RC HELI of the FUTURE - Fly Wing FW450L V2 with TRIPLE GPS Positioning! - REVIEW & GIVEAWAY ????

New Triple GPS System is super accurate. We fly it on Omni GPS, 3D Mode, Auto Invert Mode and explore the flight modes. Review by Justin Davis.

Ultimate beginner heli with Return to home GPS!

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Fly Wing FW450L V2 Parts Links

FW450L V2 Carbon Main Blade Set : https://bit.ly/3rAqWJ7
FW450 L V2 4S 4450mah Battery : https://bit.ly/3iKpUpW
FW450L V2 60S Esc : https://bit.ly/3i6brFN
FW450L V2 Carbon Side Frame : https://bit.ly/3zKnyhP
FW450L V2 White Canopy : https://bit.ly/3i1WK6t
FW450L V2 H1 Flight Controller : https://bit.ly/3kUZEvM
FW450L V2 Metal Gear Servo : https://bit.ly/3BNnNdu
FW450 V2 Main Motor : https://bit.ly/3iJTBas
FW450L V2 Tail Motor : https://bit.ly/3rDSM7u
FW450L V2 5″ Tail Blade : https://bit.ly/3icdqbL
FW450L V2 Landing Gear : https://bit.ly/3f0bC3z
FW450L V2 Tail Boom : https://bit.ly/3zBek7p
FW450L V2 Swash Plate : https://bit.ly/372ZeeC
FW450L V2 Links : https://bit.ly/3zFe1bD
FW450L V2 Carbon Tail Fin : https://bit.ly/3i6brFN
FW450L V2 Carbon Bottom Plate : https://bit.ly/3y7kTxX
FW450L V2 Aluminum Head Block : https://bit.ly/2VaTuNa
Fw450L V2 Tail Rotor Block : https://bit.ly/2Vcu8yD

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RC Plane Canopy DIY

RC Plane Canopy DIY

#Shorts How to make Canopy for RC airplane (Supermarine Spitfire British WWII warbird) out of plastic bottle #DIY
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HobbyKing Daily – Heli Canopy condom

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How to Glue scale model Canopy's

How to Glue Canopys



Disco Medusae” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Volatile Reaction” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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UNBOXING RC – FUSUNO New Design ASSASSIN Fiberglass Painted Canopy

Unboxing FUSUNO New Design ASSASSIN Fiberglass Painted Canopy Velocity 90

Remote control helicopter canopy being hydro dipped in ‘Day of the Dead’ design
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Angry Birds Helicopter!! MA Whiplash Canopy

If this doesnt make you smile then I fear for your well being. This is an Angry Birds themed RC Helicopter made out of coloured Duct Tape! AWESOME!! Its strong AND stylish! I can just hear the theme song going as it flys!

Hit up the website

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Music by Matthew Pablo
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R.C. TREX-HELI New Canopy (Rommel).wmv

R.C. TREX-HELI New Canopy (Rommel).wmv

Watch Rommel perform his stunts on a R.C. Trex Helicopter, avoid some scratch bro on your new canopy design!
cheers and enjoy the video
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RC Heli canopy ghosting effect with Sony Vegas Pro

here you can see how simple it is to make these effect with sony vegas. most important is that the both video with an witout the canopy are synchron and the heli is in same place !! Try to move your swashplate in both versions in the same timing


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