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3 ESSENTIAL tips for new RC heli pilots!

3 ESSENTIAL tips for new RC heli pilots!

Three essential tips for new RC helicopter pilots. Must know if you’re learning to fly RC helicopters.

Roman Pirozek flying:
Slo mo time watermelon:


Flywing H1 Setup Tutorial & Tips

Flywing H1 setup tutorial to help you understand and configure your Fly Wing H1 GPS autopilot system.
Video Chapter Time Index:
– What tools & resources you’ll need 0:00
– Helicopter mounting & powering considerations for the H1 Autopilot system 0:34
– Downloading the software and driver from Flywing’s website 3:24
– The H1 setup assistant, USB connectivity, channel mapping & radio configuration 4:20
– Swashplate setup & leveling, collective range, tail rotor setup 13:12
– Gains, throttle output, agility, GPS settings, etc 24:30
– Magnetometer calibration 29:01
– First test flight 29:57

Useful Links:

1. Fly Wing H1 RC Helicopter GPS Flight Control System 45cm GPS wire:

2. Fly Wing H1 RC Helicopter GPS Flight Control System 13cm GPS wire:

3. Fly Wing RC Software & Instructions download page:

4. My Fly Wing H1 Autopilot Review:

5. My Swashplate Setup, Leveling & FBL Configuration eBook:

6. Learn more about RC Helicopter Tools:

7. My tail rotor setup tutorial video:


– What FrSky S-Bus RX are you using with the H1? Answer: X4R-SB

– What is DMA Collective? Answer: It’s collective to tail rotor pre-compensation mixing.

– Will the Flywing H1 work with a Spektrum/JR DSM2/X Radio? Answer: Yes with a Spektrum DSM RX that has an S-Bus output. I believe the aftermarket has a couple but I don’t fly Speky anymore so I’m out of their RX loop. I’ve also heard of Spektrum DSM to S-Bus converters. Use your Google Fu!

– What other radio systems will the H1 work with? Answer: Again, connectivity functionality with the H1 like any flybarless system or flight controller is not radio brand/ RF protocol dependent, it’s receiver dependent. Any 8 channel or better receiver (need 9 channels for full functionality of the H1) that has an S-Bus output port should work.

– Were you able to get rid of the cyclic pitch oscillation from the review video? Answer: Yes, but it’s a compromised gain setting (either flies well in GPS mode or in 3D mode, not both). Experiment with your gains. Fly Wing at minimum MUST separate the two axis of cyclic gain to give us better tuneability. This is a helicopter after all with different mass and inertia components along the roll and pitch axis, not a simple quadcopter.
Of course, try the usual RC helicopter pitch bobbing fixes as well that work with all collective pitch RC helicopter such as softer head dampening, higher head speeds, ensuring CG is bang on, or loosen blade bolts slightly for easier blade lead/lag.

– Even though I cover this in detail in the video as do the instructions, I’m still getting questions on channel mapping order. The H1 uses Futaba’s channel mapping. CH1 Aileron, CH2 Elevator, CH3 Throttle (collective function for the H1), and CH4 Tail Rotor. No, this order can’t be changed within the unit. You also need two, 3 position toggles you can assign CHs 5 & 8 to, and two, 2 position toggles to assign CH’s 7 & 9 to. Channel 6 IS NOT USED.

– So it only works with HV servos? Answer: NO. That’s the best “plug and play” option but not the only option. Anyone in the hobby should know there are several ways to power servos at lower voltages independent of the receiver’s/FBL/control unit’s input voltage. Installing rectifying diodes such as HER 503 in series to each servo’s power input lead for example would be the least expensive. This will drop the input voltage to the servo by about 0.6 to 1.0 volts (load dependent). We have been doing this for years after all when powering 4.8V tail specific servos in 6V power systems. Use your Google Fu to find other servo voltage regulation methods that may be better suited to your particular setup. Of course if you have HV servos or thinking of upgrading to HV servos, that is by far the best option.

– Can you perform the automatic circle & figure 8 function when inverted in GSP autopilot mode? Answer: NO! The H1 will lose collective & or cyclic control of the helicopter if you activate the circle or figure 8 while inverted. I almost crashed why trying this & Fly Wing has also confirmed this.

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Today i show you my sim setup, and which sim i use and get my fast progress !

Heute zeige ich euch mein Simulatorsetup und mit welchem Sim ich in der kurzen Zeit die guten Fortschritte gemacht habe !
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SmackTalk RC Learning 3D #12 – Practice & Pirouetting Tips

Last episode in the series “Learning 3D”. Bert wraps up the series by providing some important tips on how to practice, he also revisits pirouetting and gives you pointers on how to learn stationary pirouettes.


heli tips and tricks (feathering shaft, thrust bearings, and dampers part 2)

in this video we cover:

this is the continued video to part one, we finish up wit the greasing of the thrust bearings, and finish up with the head build.


heli tips and tricks (throttle link setup)

in this video we cover

how to properly program and setup the throttle link and carb on a nitro helicopter. we also cover the center positions and travel adjustment needed to make this setup as proper as possible.


HOW TO: Flight Tips: How to Hover A helicopter

Flight Tips: How to Hover A helicopter

Ade runs us through the basic helicopter controls, what they do and the differences between your typical gadget shop model, quads and the larger aerobatic helicopters
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HOW TO: RC Heli Hovering For Dummies, tips on proper hovering height and how to get rid of left drift

just some tips i think might be helpfull for people learning how to hover a RC helicopter.


RC Heli PCB Box Tips Tricks And Mods

My Site:


Rc helicopter flight tips for learning how to fly 3-d

Rc helicopter flight tips for learning how to fly 3-d.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Fixed Pitch RC Heli Blade Balance & Setup Tips – GWS Esky HoneyBee Others


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