HOW TO: RC Heli Hovering For Dummies, tips on proper hovering height and how to get rid of left drift

just some tips i think might be helpfull for people learning how to hover a RC helicopter.


19 Responses to “HOW TO: RC Heli Hovering For Dummies, tips on proper hovering height and how to get rid of left drift”

  • lukas barasakus:

    how do you do it with a 3 channel helicopter? it doest have aileron?

  • Ellie Mai Butler:

    great tips thank you. made know how to hover a lot faster!!!?

  • dannylightning:

    your welcome

  • Frank R. Pilot:

    Help a lot thanks budy

  • dannylightning:

    your welcome dummy, hahahaha sorry had to do it… this only applies to fly bar helicopters. don't move the sticks when fly bar less helicopters are on the ground it it will probably tip over..

  • hopefulkylee:

    I don't appreciate you calling me a dummy but thank you for teaching me! LOL

  • dannylightning:

    i had this helicopter a few years ago, i have no clue how i had the radio set up, sorry i can not be of help.. settings should be how you like them any ways. so its not always best to use some one else settings. different radios will also require some different settings for the same helicopter.

  • Ruudy L:

    If that is a Blade SR my I ask what are the settings for the radio u have?

  • motokid032:

    Nice, you should have explained how the right skid is lower than the left in a hover from translating tendency. Some retards think that the "lateral CG is off" and that is causing the helicopter to tilt. SMH.

  • Josh Hummel:

    My grandpa is a navy veteran and he can't fly at all so don't make the helicopter fly like a veteran!

  • costa48:

    Thanks for your simple yet helpful demonstration. That's exactly what I was looking for, without an hour talking. Best wishes.

  • dannylightning:

    with a CP helicopter the smaller they are the harder it is to keep them in one place. helicopters do drift around, especially the small ones out in the wind or even in a small room their own wind can blow them around, a FBL helicopter is allot more stable and easier to keep in one spot. if you tell the helicopter to move to the right it will continue to do so till you make it stop. keeping a steady hover means constantly working the sticks to keep it in one place.

  • Joseph Krol IV:

    I am just getting into RC Helos, and the fact that I cannot seem to hover a few inches off the ground bugs me. You are saying about 3,4,5 feet off of the ground. I have what you'd consider a mini or a micro. It's an MD-530 by Heli-max, if that means anything. Is it normal for the helicopter to drift, then when you compensate and have it at a steady hover, have it drift in the direction of compensation? Like I said this is REALLY annoying, and my dad insists on a ROCK STEADY HOVER. As if sitting.

  • Don From Colorado:

    Well, all I can say is you solved my left drift problem trying to learn close to the ground. But thanks for keeping the vid up so long……. Made my day….

  • OutbackKanga:

    Both Mode 1 and mode 2 still use the same stick for Aileron all that changes between the modes is throttle and Elevator 🙂

  • dannylightning:

    thanks, your comment is allot late for what i am doing now, the difference is night and day.. i was just getting started in the hobby here.

  • Jose Navarro:

    Very nice video tutorial. I know this comment might be late for what you may be doing by now but keep up the good work

  • Moon Trev:

    Excellent video, very useful

  • pyy1axs:

    Good practical tips.

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