1. Learning to hover rc 450 heli after flight sim practice. Video 1

I bought a HK450 rc helicopter kit and watched YouTube video clips on how to build and setup the heli. I was too scared to try out and fly it straight absent so I bought Phoenix RC two.5 and practised hovering for about two hrs. Hovering in the simulator and then making an attempt it for true is a lot more than different. The simulator support me learn the basic controls and how the heli may well react to certain stick movements. Without Phoenix RC 2.5, I feel that I may possibly have crashed my heli :-)


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  • peterasimpson:

    Hi again, my ESP is a bit of an over kill really. I have a Mystery Pentium 60A (60Amp) running a ESky EK5-0006 3800KV Motor and a 10T pinion.

  • destef1:

    Thanks for the reply, I finshed my heli and it was fly pretty good, Then I crashed it! I did a lot of damage, I bent the rotor head, striped the main gear, stripped 2 servos and crashed into a puddle and that killed the ESC! All my stuff is from Hobby king so I just bought another bare bones kit for parts and new esc, all up that crash cost me about $60-70 – So I will definalty be practasing on the sim for a bit longer now! What size ESC are you running in your 450??

  • peterasimpson:

    Hello, I would say real life is harder to hover. The sim is a great tool for learning the controls though. I also have wind and turbulence turned up in the sim to make me concentrate even more.

    I always use the Trex 450 in phoenix as is is harder than the 600 helis, so it tunes my skills more.

    As you said, it’s easy with a 600

  • destef1:

    I am also building a HK450 and have Phoneix RC – Do you think it is easier to hover in the sim or in real life? Or do you think there both as hard? I am having trouoble getting the Sim to hover in the one spot it always drifts around a few meters.

    I am practising on the 450 trex, The 600 is very easy to hover

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