Rc helicopter flight tips for learning how to fly 3-d

Rc helicopter flight tips for learning how to fly 3-d.
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18 Responses to “Rc helicopter flight tips for learning how to fly 3-d”

  • Tim Higgins:

    My video? froze at 1:41 and you looked like a bad ass haha!

  • Bryan Sablan:

    As a sport pilot i would like to reinforce the tips that Ray has talked about.through my experience the simulator is an excellent tool. the simulator is your? test bed where it is best to learn the concepts and skills especially for the basics. altitude is defiantly a key when applying the maneuvers you’ve learned in the field, the extra few seconds it gives will save your butt a majority of the time. new blade mcpx-bl is a great starting heli as it can take a beating is cheap to repair

  • Garry Thomas:

    Thank you for sharing?

  • jester26uk:

    Thanks ray awesome videos? very down to earth! Kep up the good work budd.

  • reitober:

    Thanks Ray for another great video. That? was a lot of good info. Keep them coming.

  • nitrokyosho:

    thanks buddy?

  • Erik740t:

    You’ve got some guns man I really like the vids? keep them coming nice new camera you need a video editor.

  • hotbodies66:

    Thanks, I will get real high and keep the vids comin! I? like the no BS approuch.

  • lok3a4:

    thank you so much

  • nitrokyosho:

    if you feel comfortable give it a shot? learn some basics on the sim then give them a try at the field. And remember if your not sure and your going to try make sure you get up 3 stories high lolololololol

  • hotbodies66:

    I’m just now wanting to fly aerobatics I’m getting bored flying curcuits. I never crash anymore I’m a very comfortable sport pilot.I just recently bought a flight sim just for learning aerobatics felt no need for it learning basics but,wish I did it would have saved me 2 heli and hundreds!!! But,on the other hand I feel it made me who I am today.I made alot of repairs and learned the mechanics through and through.I have been flying a Trex 450 Sport V2 for about? 6 mnths with 3 crashes am I ready?

  • LawDogg424:

    Been? working out? Arms are looking big!

  • Joel Wingert:

    You make total sense Nitro… I’m starting to get into 3D and this video is really helping me out.

    Thanx for your videos…? ALOT! BTW I love WC also. That guy has a nack for heli bling like I’ve never seen… :)

  • MyOnehand:

    great stuff ray always great info love your style buddy !!! keep up the good works be? blessed !!

  • nitrokyosho:

    you will get? that free upgrade fro 3.0 to 4.0 anyway

  • nitrokyosho:

    no i never flew that one .but i love the band helloween from? germany .michael kiske is my favorite singer

  • Docustube:

    Big thanks nitrokyosho for all of your great videos! This? stuff realy helps me to get in this hobby, and to get much better. Keep on with your great videos. Did you ever fly the Blade MQX?

  • Michael Prochaska:

    Thank you for all your help and great videos, Was wondering if any one? knows the difference between the Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator V4.0 w/DX5e and the Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator Version 3.0 with DX5e ? They are the same price. Thank you again

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