heli tips and tricks (throttle link setup)

in this video we cover

how to properly program and setup the throttle link and carb on a nitro helicopter. we also cover the center positions and travel adjustment needed to make this setup as proper as possible.


19 Responses to “heli tips and tricks (throttle link setup)”

  • Sothea Mam:

    Hi..why is my os 91 engine pump fuel back to tank instead of going to carb when I use align starter..any idea

  • Kevin Goldbey:

    Hi freedy I have a thunder tiger 30 v2 heli do u no what the carb setting should be

  • Appollo:

    Dude thanks so much for all your videos, they have been so much help to me over the years. You are Awesome.

  • geraldo brasil:

    Freddy Cordova

  • geraldo brasil:

    Good evening. I attended all the video, I learned a lot about the points of the carburetor. Heli me with this problem.estik in the middle at 50% the engine is already high all carburetor open, now I correct this problem with your video, you know something about pit gauge regulagen of peace. PARABENS by the video, YOU HAVE SOME CONFIGURATION TO FLY IN SCALE … NO PITC CUR = THRO CUR = SUB TRIM = I AM PORTO ALEGRE RS. .. whatsapp == 051.985443938.geraldo. MY HELI = RAPTOR 30 NITRO CLASS 550.

  • Ali Goudarzi:

    Thank you very much

  • Helicopter Pilot:

    I fly 3-D competition and I love your videos…you are so explainatory…to be honest I have picked up a lot of good advice from you…keep up the good work

  • Terry Govan:

    Freddy could you possibly contact me i have a question I'd like to ask? please call at your earliest convenience 832-692-2577 my name is Terry thx

  • Muhammad Mian:

    freddie, question.. im assuming the engine wont idle at the shut position.. how do you account for that? do you just trim the throttle servo up until it idles correctly? its on a trex 700 dfc ntro

  • maxamed yasin sicid:

    cool bro, I enjoy it.

  • Ashish Gupta:

    thanks a tonne

  • chris vann:

    when you set up this method,do you bind transmitter throttle trim all way down,then once bound return trim to centre to get the motor idling

  • Wes Johnson:

    Great Video. Thanks for the help!

  • chris vann:

    Cheers Freddie I've set both my helis, trex 500 electric and 600 nitro to your videos, thank you for uploading these, keep up the good work, cheers from the UK and happy flying

  • matt walker:

    Thanks, Freddy, I'm not fly barless, I think i found the trouble, it was plastic slider on tail, has ball link in plastic lever, it did not move freely, i freed it up, seems to be workin fine, i hope that was problem, Thanks for your time

  • Freddy Cordova:

    ar u fly barless ? if so turn your gains down and re bind, also re program making sure you dont over look any steps

  • matt walker:

    Hey, Freddy, I like your vids, they are very informative, Thanks. I had trouble the other day, Heli was flying normal, then soundly it started bouncing back and forth, side to side, i coudnt control it. the more i tried to control it, the worse it got. one point it was like someone else had control. well crashed it. Any suggestions?

  • Abdul Askew SR:

    Is that fuel tubing you covered the link rod with? Pretty cool trick, when I saw the pics of your heli I was like "where can I get those links from". Your bids are very informative and straight forward.

  • Freddy Cordova:

    ok…… the break in only requires like two tanks running really rich, OS engins dont need an extensive break in, after about two tanks start chekin temps and leanin out your needles. also when u set up your throttle linkedge you need to make sure to lower your throttle trim all the way down. that way before you start u raise your throttle trim to idle, then start the heli and fly once you land you then should be at idle, and after your close the trim all the way to cut the motor.

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