Eachine – E160 RTF Heli – Unbox, Setup, & Flight

Eachine E160 https://bit.ly/2DXmEGU
Sunglasses https://bit.ly/324J1EB
Banggood Summer Promotion https://bit.ly/3hj8Kxl

00:00 Unbox
13:50 Setup
37:29 Flight 1
45:00 Flight 2

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15 Responses to “Eachine – E160 RTF Heli – Unbox, Setup, & Flight”

  • super tuber:

    what does brushless means?? and I have the echaine e129. But I want to try something more advanced now. Do you think I should buy this?

  • Ambrose Killpack:

    I would not trust the micro drivers included in the ready to fly kit not to strip out my screws. I use a proper ifixit micro driver.

  • Cataleya Sevilla:

    Sir why everytime i thr0tle the m0t0r spinning and after a minutes the m0t0r st0p and the tail m0t0r is 0nly spinning

  • Norman Corbett:

    Hi! Mine shipped w/o a transmitter. Do I have to get a compatible eachine transmitter or could I use a spektrum? Thanks in advance!

  • Nutleigh Grove:

    Hey guys – another AWESOME video! ? So much that I just received mine and whoa, it’s got some juice!!
    Like yourself, I want a bit of expo so I scroll along channels 1, 2 and 4 with the Mode button. As they blink, I change them up/down.
    BUT in the rates (D/R setting) only channel 1 blinks and the mode button won’t scroll across to channels 2 and 4 ? any ideas PLEASE?
    (It’s the transmitter you marked ‘’E160 heli” aka Eachine E6 ?) Thank you ! ??

  • Elvis Cardoso:

    Acho vc muito engraçado kkkkkkk

  • Fred Wagner Art Studio:

    I really like the Eachine E160 videos I have watched and was thinking of adding it to my OMPHobby M1 and M2 arsenal. I am very new to all this. I was looking for an indoor heli for winter time in Western NY, but this seems a bit large for that. Do you have any suggestions and would it be worth it to purchase an E160?

  • eric coker:

    I got mine coming real soon. I got a K130 (plus a spare) and the first k130 had been thrashed and I have become good a repairs. Also good at hitting TH. Its my trainer.
    When the Eachine 160 gets here, it will get checked out first and make sure the swash is level. Then flight. Thanks for the review.

  • TechNoPhobia:

    Word of warning, Brian: when flying a heli and switching into '3D' … always, Always, ALWAYS use LOW RATES, not high, as you did in this vid. I'm an 'O-K' heli pilot, and I just did the maiden on the E160 the other day. When I switched into 3D mode, I had the rates on HIGH (cuz I wanted high rates in 6G, but I TOTALLY FORGOT to switch to low rates BEFORE trying 3D), and I crashed in about TWO SECONDS! In high rates the bird has SOOOO MUCH travel on the cyclic, and WITHOUT stabilization the swash doesn't automatically return to centre (sorry, guys, Canadian spelling for centre, not a typo!) … so you are DEAD if you're not used to it! Expo is also VERY important for flying in 3D cuz the cyclic is CRAZY SENSITIVE! Don't know what settings (rates & expo) are programmed into the E160's radio (I bought the BNF version), but you want the rates LOW and the expo HIGH*! Trust me on that one! I flew my XK K110 the other day with my new RadioMaster TX16S, and I turned on 3D for the FIRST TIME EVER. I had 50% cyclic dual-rates and +30 on the expo and it was *STILL super-sensitive! I didn't crash it, luckily, but it took some GETTING USED TO, let me tell you! I'd say I have much more experience with helis than you (don't fly planes), but from what I can tell, you and I have very similar heli piloting skills, which is AMAZING since you're not a heli pilot, as you say. Great review! Thk u!

  • artmodern:

    Bonjour et merci pour tout ce que tu fait , grâce à tes vidéos j'ai pris la passion aussi , je viens de prendre le E160 V2 , est ce que tu pourrais faire un tutoriel rapide pour passer la radio commande en mode 1 ou mode 2 ? J'ai reçu la radio commande avec la manette des gaz à gauche , et je voudrais passer la manette des gaz à droite , pourrais tu faire un mini tutoriel pour cela ? Et serait il possible par la même occasion de faire un tutoriel pour savoir comment régler et utiliser la radio commande E6 pour des débutants s'il te plaît ? Merci d'avance et un pouce bleu grandement mérité pour toi, merci pour tout . Cordialement.

  • Steve Johnston:

    Tail boom can snap like a twig even on a less than perfect grass landing.


    love your spirit Brian , keep it up. Greetings from Belgium ?

  • Jeff Kodysz:

    Love the videos. I've been flying RC Helis for a LONG time (ran the HeliGeek's Blog before YouTube took off) and while I CAN do a few 3D maneuvers, I don't really enjoy 3D heli flying. Guess I'm old school, but watching all those heli videos in which you never see the dang thing fly nose-first or right-side up get pretty old to me. It's nice to see someone enjoying "normal" flight with an RC Heli. 🙂

  • Kevin Fernandez:

    Great review, thank you. Question for you, I got a little brave and crashed snapping the tail boom. Do you have any insight or can you point me in the right direction on how to swap it out? Have a new one on order

  • Stewart Caulfield:

    Gday mate how are you? I have a question I'm wishing you can set me straight. I got myself one of these helicopters (eachine 160). now I noticed there are direction arrows on top of the brushless main motor, and if I'm not mistaken the motor spins in an anti clockwise direction which spins the main rotor in a clockwise rotation. However according to the arrows on top of the hulk motor its spinning backwards. Am I missing something here.? And thank you very much for inspiring me. I also got myself a x520 VTOL. I haven't had a chance to fly it yet the weather has been ordinary and I've never flown a fixed wing yet. Could you do a review on the xk x520 VTOL I think you will enjoy frm what I've seen of your reviews. I'm trying to decide what plane I'm gonna buy next. Thanks for getting me into the hobby.. Take care ps.. The 520 is VTOL however it is also wheel up wheels down. Capable

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