SmackTalk RC Learning 3D #1 – The Basics

First episode in the series Learning 3D. Bert starts from scratch by teaching you the basics of 3D.


19 Responses to “SmackTalk RC Learning 3D #1 – The Basics”

  • Eyal Peretz:

    Great videos and explanations!

    I have an M2 and can do the basics like hover and fly in all orientations right side up, forward flight and do figure 8, circuits are not 100% but I can do them slowly, counter Clockwise is more difficult.

    Sometimes if I don't keep 100% focus, I may lose orientation for a moment. Is that normal, or does that mean I still don't have 100% control yet?

    I can do flips relatively easily on the simulator. I tried them on the M2. I managed to flip twice but didn't take long to crash it. So I am following your video here to ensure I am ready before moving to 3D.

    I can not hover upside down at all on the simulator. Is it just a lot of practice, or is there a better way to learn it?

    Thank you so much!.

  • Iusethenamekalen All Rights Reserved:

    Chicken wing, "Yes You Did, You Bastard".?

  • AricanTonic:

    My kids literally grew up watching At you guys as I was learning rc heli my son is now 18 and remember this show as I’m looking at this a few years later for helping me restarting in the hobby more than ten years later. Thank you so much guys!

  • jeffs:

    A lot of flyers lack patience and discipline when it comes to basics.

  • longimanus isurus:

    Very well work for this teaching!! It is very important to improve and to reach new targets.

  • 777 Logan:


  • Daniel:

    Thank you. I am glad that I found really useful lessons.

  • Mike H:

    Wow, so happy I found this series. Just getting back into RC helicopters after being out of it for almost a decade now. Had a beautiful Furry Tempest back in the day, and a nice raptor 50 v2 to zing around. It's crazy to see how much has changed since then. Thanks for taking the time to do this series!

  • Dave Ridlespriger:


  • David Santiago:

    fully enjoy your first episode, looking forward to the rest.

  • Marcello Bacci:

    hi Bert, is it possible to do all these maneuvers in Mode 1 ?? I learned to fly in Mode 1 with airplanes !! can I fly in Mode 1 with the heli and learn all the maneuvers in Mode 1 ???

  • CanadianDronePilot:

    These are still great teaching episodes , watched these to get back to basics after a long time away from the hobby. Cheers

  • Hakan Hazir:

    please let the all learning videos stays on the you tube, even after all this time. As you know there are lots of people wants to learn the perfect way to fly. Thanks very much again for your perfect learning lessons. Im doing very well so far..

  • Shameel Ali:

    Great info from a legend

  • Paul The R.C. Guy.:

    Omg Bert! Didn't recognize you with your glasses and hat. Thanks so much for the videos on 3d its really handy and means alot because I find them very informative and educational.

  • MadMan:

    Been flying RC for 30 years and helis for 20 and despite having a lame routine, Bert's video's are showing me for the first time I don't even have half of the fundamentals I would need to be a fourth as good as he is. As the skies become crowded with soul-less Amazon robots and we come into an age where the tech we have watched or helped develop over the last 100 years ends up biting us in the ass, it's great to see someone with Bert's skills still dedicated enough to take the time to do these. Support BKhobbies!

  • Sothea Mam:

    Hi…Bert can all heli setup the same for 3D

  • Joe Fagan:

    This is lesson #1 – should take me 12 months!

  • Hussain Akhtar:

    To learn all sorts of hovering, should we learn in 3d Mode (stunt 2) or should we learn in safe mode? thanks for your replies. When you say we should know all types of hovering, does it mean it should be in 3d mode, right?

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