A LOT of LOVE! – Flywing FW450L V3 Gps RC Helicopter – REVIEW & Flights

NEW Fly Wing FW450L GPS Smart RC Helicopter!
Fw450L v3 is an RTF Heli that has GPS Return to home, Auto-Invert Mode, H1 Software, Stability Mode, Orbit Modes, and 3D Mode! #rchelicopter #rcheli #flywing

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FW450 L V2 4S 4450mah Battery : https://bit.ly/3iKpUpW
FW450L V2 60S Esc : https://bit.ly/3i6brFN
FW450L V2 Carbon Side Frame : https://bit.ly/3zKnyhP
FW450L V2 White Canopy : https://bit.ly/3i1WK6t
FW450L V2 H1 Flight Controller : https://bit.ly/3kUZEvM
FW450L V2 Metal Gear Servo : https://bit.ly/3BNnNdu
FW450 V2 Main Motor : https://bit.ly/3iJTBas
FW450L V2 Tail Motor : https://bit.ly/3rDSM7u
FW450L V2 5″ Tail Blade : https://bit.ly/3icdqbL
FW450L V2 Landing Gear : https://bit.ly/3f0bC3z
FW450L V2 Tail Boom : https://bit.ly/3zBek7p
FW450L V2 Swash Plate : https://bit.ly/372ZeeC
FW450L V2 Links : https://bit.ly/3zFe1bD
FW450L V2 Carbon Tail Fin : https://bit.ly/3i6brFN
FW450L V2 Carbon Bottom Plate : https://bit.ly/3y7kTxX
FW450L V2 Aluminum Head Block : https://bit.ly/2VaTuNa
Fw450L V2 Tail Rotor Block : https://bit.ly/2Vcu8yD

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17 Responses to “A LOT of LOVE! – Flywing FW450L V3 Gps RC Helicopter – REVIEW & Flights”

  • David Jacobs:

    this heli jump up 5 meters when the battery is about to run out, and you can't control this with the throttle stick, while it is happening.
    watch out for that.

  • HeRacesTheSun:

    Question please if anyone knows? I have a brand new 450L V3 not flown yet, I'm not interested in 'auto invert' type things, and the manual says to install tail, blades etc. then get ready to fly, wait until GPS is locked, then fly. It's says nothing about doing a 'compass calibration' before flying it in the manual. Then the last 2 pages, says about unlocking or turning on the 'auto invert' function, and doing a 'compass calibration' It's not clear, but seems to me we don't need to calibrate the compass unless we want to use advances settings like auto invert. Why does the manual tell to set it up & fly, then only mention compass calibration at the end in the auto invert enable section? When new, can we just fly it in GPS & free fly mode without doing a compass calibration? I can do a compass calibration, but reading the manual, it doesn't seem I need to unless I wanted to later unlock the advanced features. Other than the manual, I can't find any info on this, thanks to anyone that can help. In another video, it's different, shows the green light on, then the guy holding the heli turns 360* and if the light stays green, the compass is calibrated, and then OK to fly. That's a lot more simple than downloading software & hooking up to computer. "Drone Camps" You replied to one below asking if it can fly straight out of the box or have to calibrate first? And you said "straight out of the box" That would be great, why are so many calibrating their compasses via software download & attaching to computers? Seems that's only for advanced feature like 'auto invert'?

  • Don Dupuis:

    You have remote ID on it, is it over 250 grams?

  • Doe:

    Does fw450 v3 only invert sideways when using GPS? The fw200 you can use the right stick to flip front or backwards into invert flight via Acro Flight mode…

  • Kevin Goldbey:

    Hi can u fly it straight outa the box or do u have to calibrate it first before u fly it

  • Kalibasau RC:

    Nice nice and nice

  • joe32nyc:

    Hi Can u used v2 Radio on the v3 . Nice video

  • jessymendez:


    13 hours ago

    Bad ESC Canopy needs Cooling FAN ESC runs very hot first less than 8 mins started in flight smoking lucky I did not crash new FW450 3 dose not air cool like the older canopy's are better more air coming in had to replace ESC on first flight good luck in finding the part cant find any where The ESC is V3 is different Than the V2 ESC worth less Heli at over 600.00

  • jeffrey uprichard:

    Any idea how to get spares for this version. Bangoood have spares for the v2 but not this one.

  • gerry viloria:

    Hi can you fly the heli out of the box or you need to calibrate before flying

  • Carolina Airshots:

    That's badass Heli !

  • Bruce Burkland:

    Your evaluation of this video. Excellation narration and explainations at the end. Excellent video (at the end) with close up views. Personally I'm still unclear just wear one would plug in the cable on the heli to hook up to the computer?? I suppose somewhere on the esc? The video of you flying was not so good. When the heli was contrasted agains the tree it was ok. But the light colored canopy did NOT view well agains the white (clouds) sky. A clear blue sky preferably early morning or learly evening is always better. Cheers.

  • Toby Sexton:

    Besides the canopy, do the V2 parts work on the V3? Blades, links head ect?

  • Charlie Homol:

    Oh nice it's a beginner friendly heli ?????????

  • Joe Stoller:

    i saw a video of quick disconnect main rotor assembly have you seen it? i cant find any links for it.

  • Frederick Grassie:

    Thank you.

  • Algorhythm:

    good lord, thank goodness I had my headphones on and didn't just play that intro through my surround sound at full power + base boost. LMAO

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