heli tips and tricks (feathering shaft, thrust bearings, and dampers part 2)

in this video we cover:

this is the continued video to part one, we finish up wit the greasing of the thrust bearings, and finish up with the head build.


18 Responses to “heli tips and tricks (feathering shaft, thrust bearings, and dampers part 2)”

  • Carlos Clivilles:

    Great video tutorials!

  • Matt's Pet Panda:

    been looking for this for a while! thanks! I rebuilt mine and put the blades back on wrong. then I crashed it again. Lesson learned. = )

  • C????? ???????:

    Hi, can you help? Have you glued the black tape on the tail rotor?

  • Gunther Smets:

    Hello, I would like to use the 550 EFL head (no DFC !) for scale heli. Should I use the plastic shaft sleeve ? And which damper do you recommend ? I would like to fly low RPM. Is it not better to remove the plastic sleeve ?

  • Matthew Pearson:

    Love your vids. What would the result be if there was outward pull or play?

  • Anything rc:

    Thanks for your videos buddy they are so helpfull for a newbie like my self ha ha ha

  • Kimchi Koalaa:

    Did this wrongly and popped my bearing balls out… gotta spend more money

  • BazSound:

    Brilliant video!!! and typical after i just finished rebuilding the head on my a 2nd hand 450 pro dfc i just got.

    I actually had issues getting a smooth rotating blade grips, before i took it apart there was slight play in the head, what was in the head also didnt match the manual. Looking through spares i found what looked to be the correct washers but no matter what i tried it would lock the head up tight.

    I think the problem is the color between the dampener and blade grip is too thick being 1.4mm instead of 1mm. The thrust bearings also showd a little play and if i used different washer on the screw it just locked them up :/

    the heli test hovered fine but i think for peace of mind ill replace the blade grip bearings, thrust bearings and get the align washers as i think it had some hk 450 parts in it


    very useful – thanks

  • Charles Booker:

    Thank you for this video it helped me correct a problem I was having that was related to the thrust bearing being installed incorrectly by me. One question though is the order of the thrust bearings the same for the tail also???

  • Charles Vaughn:

    Hey Freddie,  Feathering shaft video is EXCELLENT

  • peter johnson:

    yours is some of the best explained stuff Freddy so a big thank you. happy flying.

  • Keith Myren:

    Freddy, Thanks so much for taking the time to share your knowledge with your fan base. I just got into this sport about a year and a half ago. I am already flying  a Blade 450x and loving the hobby. Have crashed a couple of time and been through the rebuilding process, and I have learned a little more every time. So thanks again for sharing.

  • Hau Lo:

    What if your building a 450 head and have no grease handy?? Is bearing oil ok to use?

  • Anderson L. Sergio:

    Freddy your videos are very helpul,Could you tell me where i buy that grease? I currently have nautical grease,can i use this one?

  • thomas nichols:

    Dude I love your training videos.I got a flight simulator coming,can't wait to follow your videos and try it.
    I started with a cx2, then a mcpx,now I got a blade 400.

  • TheDedados:

    As always the best. BUT, u could use a toothpick to apply the locktight on the threads IN the SPINDLE when u assemble the 2nd side of the spindle.
     very useful tip

  • berdena74:

    Awesome video, wasn't sure how tight to make bolts at the end. U just confirmed, they got to be tight. Also great tip for getting the thrust bearings the right way. Cheers.

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