How to fly an RC Heli. Part 1: HOVERING

Do you want to upgrade to RC helicopters from drones, or learn to fly from scratch and don’t know where to start?
Try here.

Alan Szabo Jr:
Tareq Alsaadi:
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10 Responses to “How to fly an RC Heli. Part 1: HOVERING”

  • @davidjacobs8558:

    lots of time on simulator.
    and I recommend "Hover Here" simulator, which is free software, but better than most.

  • @sasquatchhadarock968:

    Excellent tutorial.

    You almost had the perfect shutter speed on your camera ?.

    My retired dad is trying to get into flying RC helis. I got him a Blade 120 S2 for Christmas and he's enjoying it but between his eyes (trifocals?) and trying to keep up with everything he has a steep learning curve.

  • @Iceking007:

    What aircraft is this?

  • @giopirmisashvili5514:

    Thank you

  • @arielelijah1282:

    A DIY helicopter chair with pedals, cyclic, and collective control is another level in rc helicopters.

  • @emem1613:

    New to the hobby so this is a very nice instructional video! Looking forward to applying when my heli arrives. Thanks


    How to do hammer? And also is it possible to fly this in fpv mode?

  • @hanspetervonderfecht7722:

    How far can i go with my DXs and 230s? What is the range of this little thing? its my second Year with it now and it lives.

  • @johnsargeant2041:

    Thanks for explaining how the movements need to go back to center after the movement to keep it stable… makes better sence now. Just gave me the want to put my 230 back together agean.. I'm pretty good on the first setting. I understand the orientation

  • @the_dooz:

    Excellent video. Thank you!

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