RC Heli Training, May 10, 2012 (Piro Circles)

Well I have learn that continous work on my nose in hovering actually works to improve and manage my piro circles. Now, don’t get all up in arms. They are st…
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2 Responses to “RC Heli Training, May 10, 2012 (Piro Circles)”

  • Neil Greene:

    I love these videos because I go back and review them. That was in May on the sim. It is now 9 months later, and I can do 1/2 piros left? and right at the field. Now, working on the other half.

  • trexinvert:

    Piro circle steering is kind of unusual. Imagine a weightless frisbee floating in the sky. To keep it spinning you must hit the side with your open palm. Further imagine, your hand following through in a straight line that is “slightly downwards”. What happens? That point on the frisbee essentially get’s “dragged down” in the direction of your hand. The whole frisbee then tilts down and drifts in that same direction. Does this make sense? Apply this to the cyclic stirring and follow? tail.

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