Mechanical Swash Phasing

This is a video I did for some helicopter forums I visit. I am a scale flyer, more than I am a 3D or sport aerobatic flyer, so the mechanical systems in a helicopter are more of what I like to get into than the latest tic-tock or flip moves. I can do them but it is not my main interest anymore. There is nothing new here that long time scale flyers have not seen before, but for today’s pilots, that want something to just drop on and go fly, this is a foreign subject full of black magic. This is not a tutorial and DO NOT do this to your helicopter and then blame me if you crash it. It may make you look twice, though. This is an informative video only. Take care.


PS: It should have read “forward cyclic” not collective. I just can’t win…………
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3 Responses to “Mechanical Swash Phasing”

  • LakuFoek DM:

    Excellent show and easy explanation … Thank you very much for such great job…

  • Tarek Sharkas:

    Great video, I learned alot from your video , thanks alot !!

  • WC Wickedclown RC inc:

    i have a 4 blade rotor head and a fbl gyro is it necessary to use any phasing can i set it up without ?
    vbar gyro

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