Nachtflug ohne Beleutung | Helischule Gonzalez | Rc-Heli Sommertreffen 2015 |

Improvisierter Nachtflug beim Sommertreffen des Rc-Heli Forums in Dietzenbach
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Eachine E129 RC Helicopter with Altitude Hold - Indoor flying, confined space

This is the Eachine E129 which you can get here:

Here is a short flight indoors just to show it is easy to fly even where there isn’t much room.

I have more to say in my thread at:
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4 Responses to “Nachtflug ohne Beleutung | Helischule Gonzalez | Rc-Heli Sommertreffen 2015 |”

  • Dominik Oberhauser:

    Super Flug !! Welche Stirnlampe verwendest du denn?

  • TheLEONheart Aerials:

    done subscribing sir from philippines. thats pretty neat helicopter its more like a quadcopter im looking forward to order that helicopter.

  • Paco Panadero:

    Hi I8ur1e , fantastic skills! , just one question, when i use the trims , the swash plate doesnt move, like a normal rc helicopter, is it happen the same in your e129, is it normal? thanks a lot mate

  • Michele G:

    I like it I have purchase it will arrive in a couple of weeks Happy holidays

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