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Amazing Flywing FW450L V3 GPS RC helicopter Hands on Flight Review

Amazing Flywing FW450L V3 GPS RC helicopter Hands on Flight Review

Here is the complete hands on flight review of all new Flywing FW450L V3 GPS 3D RC helicopter. FW450L V3 offers you both of the worlds, super beginners friendly and easy to fly with GPS flight mode, and agile 3d flight in manual 3d mode. beginners can not only enjoy to fly it easily but pull some of the amazing 3d stunts automatically with a flip of a switch. FW450L V3 is truly the best GPS RC helicopter of the year 2023. The new v1.9 assist program unlocks more tweaking options as well to all the users. Enjoy the complete flight review and don’t forget to comment.

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00:00 Teaser Trailer
00:55 Introduction
01:28 Flight testing
01:50 position hold test
02:31 auto inverted flight
02:45 inverted gps position hold
03:28 Auto 3d tictocs
04:17 Auto 3d piro flips
05:15 Auto circle flight
05:23 piro auto circle
05:42 auto figure 8 flight
06:04 auto piro figure 8
06:29 auto rolls
06:55 auto forward flight tictocs
07:22 My Comments on GPS flight
07:50 easy gps Inverted flight
09:13 flight performance comments
09:50 RTH and land Test
10:32 Manual 3D Flight
16:14 Flight Commentary
18:21 3 Secrets about Helicopter
19:58 Conclusion


Blade 300X Raw Uncut Flight With Hands Free Inverted Flying

This is a 4 minute flight of the Blade 300X helicopter showing what it can do in the hands of an intermediate helicopter pilot. In the video I will loop, roll, rainbow, and show inverted hovering HANDS FREE. This goes to show how stable this helicopter is.

There was an addendum when I first bought this heli that wanted you to hold the throttle curves to 75%, but it was because HH released the darn thing with wooden blades. If you upgrade to the carbon fiber blades then you can set the pitch curves to 100% with no problems.


Great Heli
Beast X Technology


Carbon Fiber Blades not included
Extra Battery Price from HH is expensive

Final Thoughts:

A true winner and must have for heli enthusiasts.

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