Messerschmitt Bölkow Blohm B0-105 Mini RC Helicopter Flight Review

Welcome to Flight testing video of Eachine E120 the Messerschmitt Bölkow Blohm B0-105 Mini RC Helicopter.

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In diesem Video testen wir den RC Helikopter LAMA von Amewei (25168) für euch. Was taugt der RC Heli? Welche fernsteuerung liegt dem RTF RC Bundle bei? Und vor allem – wie fliegt sich der Helikopter? Ihr erfahrt es in diesem Video!
#amewi #lama #heli

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23 Responses to “Messerschmitt Bölkow Blohm B0-105 Mini RC Helicopter Flight Review”

  • Who Knows:

    Did you actually try to do a gyro calibration since it wouldn't position hold? That's a feature it has.

  • rsantiqueshop:

    This heli was not meant to be flown in windy conditions.It is too small and too light.

  • Valerious:

    Just bought this for $105 I’m super excited to fly this


    Hi Ali! Thanks very much indeed for the awesome review of this heli. I could realize there is a RC era C186 wich seems quite similar to the e120.

    Are they made by different manufacturers or they are like the e200 and f09 U-60 which are both made by YUXIANG?

  • Kapt Krunch:

    Can you bind a radiomaster open tx 4n1 radio to this?

  • Skyshot:

    does the optical flow work great?

  • marco antonio garduño miranda:

    its¨me, again, how many dots of battery I need to leave in the battery i have to leave on , to an long time storage, can you help

  • marco antonio garduño miranda:

    Hi my friend, do you know who made this helicopter, because it's selling under the name Eachine C-120 and ERA C-186

  • marco antonio garduño miranda:

    I want to add stickers from Mexican Armada

  • marco antonio garduño miranda:

    Hi my friend, do you know how I can take the stickers from the helicopter? Thank You, Best regards to you

  • marco antonio garduño miranda:

    I did pre-order mine, it's under way, love it, the scale look

  • marco antonio garduño miranda:

    Hi, it's me again, do you know the scale, to get stickers from the Armada de México, thanks My friend

  • Andy rhodes:

    Can you bind it to open tx radiomaster?

  • Mitchell Peterson:

    Is this a fixed pitch?


    When I'm interested in any RC model, I visit your channel and look here first.
    You cover the technical details so well and you communicate just as well how the model "feels" regarding both flying and the allover quality impression of it.???

  • jeffrey uprichard:

    I really like your videos and the way you present them. I checked out a video on learning to fly a CP helicopter and worried about the second step nose in hovering.
    Nose in is the most difficult thing to do with a CP heli without stability if you have it. In my country the Uk we have a basic helicopter achievement scheme that requires the tail in hover then the hovering T leading to the figure 8. I fear a newcomer would soon crash nose in without a training aid. I learned to fly with a flybared heli
    maybe the flybarless helicopters are more stable.

  • Einsamer Wolf:

    Kinderspielzeug mehr nicht,einfach nur Müll!! ???????

  • Matthias Kellner:

    Hallo, tolles Unboxing. Eine Frage bitte: Wisst Ihr was der Heli für eine Sender/Empfänger Kombi hat? Mir ist nämlich die Fernsteuerung defekt gegangen. Danke vorab Gruß Matthias

  • Did3D:

    old techno

  • Marlon Donaldson:

    Wow bro I don't think bargins are your strong point nor videos .
    Try wltoys too good helies there

  • Der Modell- Sammler:

    guter Test,,,die Kommentare helfem bei den Eigenschaften…Sollte jeder Anfänger lesen und beherzigen…DANKE, von mir 5 ????? Punkte, Helis

  • eisenbahnfotograf.düsseldorf:

    Kannst du mall denn Piko ICE 4 vorstellen?

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