HUGE AND AMAZING HUEY 1C Scale Remote Control Helicopter – THE RE MAIDEN STORY


In classic cinematic style, this episode brings you the HUEY 1C SCALE Remote Control Helicopter RE-MAIDEN story.

Watch along and enjoy this high quality video, with amazing close up helicopter visuals, closeup RE MAIDEN TEST FLIGHT hovering and narration of the whole event.

Join in and comment on what you think caused the event in this video

Behind the scenes.
Geoff remaidens his recently rebuilt Huey 1C which was recently ripped apart. A previous accident cause mechanics to brake away from the main fuselage / frame.

Helicopter Details
Model: Huey1c
Size: 1/5th Scale (HUGE)
Fuselage: Lens Mount Fuselage
Mechanics: Len Mount Electric Mechanics
Head: Vario Head 15mm Shaft
Blades: 950mm S Section Blades

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3 Responses to “HUGE AND AMAZING HUEY 1C Scale Remote Control Helicopter – THE RE MAIDEN STORY”

  • Jason May:

    I subbed u please sub me back

  • Craig Anderson:

    I had a similar problem with a CC ICE 120amp ESC in a scale AS350 Marvelcraft with Trex 600 mechanics. After reviewing the data log it was noted that the ESC had in fact reached a cut out limit due to over heating. I live in a warm climate in Asia. Maybe this is something you also need to look at. Do a short hover and check the temperature of the motor and ESC with a infrared thermometer. Good luck!

  • pofrani:

    What model is it? Which company? It looks huge!

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