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XPro Heli Camera Mount and Landing Gear Review – Gaui 330xs – Aerial Video and Photography

This is an awesome Camera mount and landing gear For a Gaui 330xs and 200 to 400 Heli it works great as well. This is affordable, looks and works great. Let us know if you have any questions.

XProHeli is making aerial video and photography accessible to every filmmaker and photographer thanks to XproHeli’s XP2 Quadcopter. The XP2 is a RTF (ready to fly) multirotor platform capable of lifting recording devises like the GoPro or Sony Nex-5. Helicopters and expensive productions shoots are a thing of the past. We’ve got quite a selection of accessories and spare parts such as FPV (first person video), extra batteries, props, frames, etc. Grab the XP2 and take your work to New Heights!

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The XP2 Quadcopter is the most powerful, lightest, and stable quadcopter for aerial video. The size and portability of the XP2 allows you to quickly transport, fly, and capture amazing aerial videos almost anywhere.

We hope our videos inspires your imagination for what can be possible when you add aerial footage to your edits with something like the XP2 Quadcopter.

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Testing My Variable Helicopter Blade With Motor And Gear. | Bucee Brain

Hello friends,in today’s video,I will be testing my variable pitch helicopter while it spin.

I hope you enjoyed the video.

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RC Helicopter Main Rotor Head Mechanism Animation (Including Swashplate) in Solidworks

This Helicopter Main Rotor Head/Blade System All Parts Design, Assembly and Motion Study/Animation are Entirely Created in Solidworks Software. This video is a simple demonstration of How Helicopter Fly/Works & how Swash plate mechanism is used for changing the Rotor Blade Pitch Angle in order to control the Collective and Pitch, that helps a helicopter in take off, landing and moving forward-backward-left-right.

This RC Helicopter Main Rotor Head Mechanism Consists of:
1. Base ( with Bearing & Anti-Rotation Bracket)
2. Servo Motor
3. Control Links (controls Swashplate Movement)
4. Pitch Links (controls Main Rotor holder)
5. Swashplate (used to transmit pilot’s commands like Pitch Control,Roll, Collective to the Main Rotor Blade of the Helicopter. This way Helicopter can be moved Up-down, left-right, forward-backward.
6. Main Rotor Housing
7. Main Rotor Blade Holder
8. Shafts & Necessary Fasteners
9. Rotor Blades

1. Part -1 RC Helicopter Main Rotor Head All Parts Design Tutorial in Solidworks

2. Part-2 RC Helicopter Main Rotor Head Assembly Tutorial in Solidworks

3. Part-3 RC Helicopter Main Rotor Head Motion Study/Animation Tutorial in Solidworks

4. Helicopter Swashplate Parts Design and Assembly in Solidworks

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5 dolla metal gear cyclic servos and 7 dolla futaba clone tail servo TREX 450 clone news

5 dolla metal gear cyclic servos and 7 dolla futaba clone tail servo TREX 450 clone news

why waste 25 to 50 dollars per servo to learn with ? more info on my forum

Futaba RC Video Update:  S.bus (Serial Bus) RC Receiver & Servo System Futaba Video Update. In this segment Steve Kaluf shows the features of the new S.bus System.

Stop cable clutter with the innovative S.Bus system. It uses digital serial data communication technology to transmit control signals between your receiver and servos. A single S.Bus cable can carry signals to as many channels as your transmitter can handle. You no longer have to worry about plugging in the wrong servo to the wrong channel, because each servo knows what channel it is dedicated to in advance.

S.Bus receivers are limited only by the number of channels
your transmitter will handle. Dont have S.Bus servos? No
problem. SBD-1 S.Bus Decoder Cables let you use existing analog and digital servos, too. The Futaba S.Bus system is nothing short of revolutionary and the revolutions just beginning.

• Eliminates clutter
• Easy programming with the SBC-1 Channel Setting Tool, S.Bus receivers or PCLink software
• No receiver channel limits (except by those on your transmitter)
• Plug in battery packs anywhere you wish
• Heavy-duty 20-gauge wire
• SBD-1 decoder cables (sold separately) let you use existing analog and digital servos
• Prevents mismatched servo-channel connections
• S.Bus system accessories make any installation simple
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How to make the best helicopter training gear for a dollar

This is an improved helicopter training gear that prevents helicopter crashes on landing in breezy conditions for novice pilots. It is much stronger than commercially available models and only costs about one dollar. It is made with wiffle golf balls and 3 foot bamboo stakes which are available at most home and garden stores and nurseries.


Paul's first Blade 400 flight with no training gear!

Paul flying his Blade 400 helicopter with no training gear for the first time! Helicopter has been modified as original servos are crap! Replaced all servos with HiTec HS65 Carbonate Gear Servos. Much better and more responsive to fly. Weather was terrible outside so we ventured inside a disused warehouse.
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This is a video of a version of some inverted flight gear that dougsrccom showed me. Here are some instructions on how to make it
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Double Horse 9116 4 channel heli in slow rate with training gear

Related Flight School Part 4 Training Gear

The most important thing you can purchase besides the Flight Sim is training gear. When you were a kid you had training wheels on your bike. This helicopter is no different. Training gear will keep your helicopter from tipping over. If you panic and chop the throttle, you have a better chance of landing upright, and not having a blade strike. I use the carbon spars as my training gear because they have some give to them and work like shocks. You can use the wooden dowels, but they don’t flex. This can cause a harder landing which could damage a feathering shaft if your landing is too hard. It could also cause such a shock if you land hard that the blades flex and you hit the blades on the tail boom. This will rip the boom right off of the helicopter and more than likely break not only the blades and boom, but also the belt and boom supports. So, I highly suggest the carbon spars over wooden dowels. Bottom line, get some training gear. Even if you have to use the wooden dowels, it’s better than not having training gear at all.

Please watch: “Aomway Commander V1 Goggles Updated Version Discount Code”



Heli floating with training gear in phoenix RC

Heli floating with training gear in phoenix RC

Usually a normal RC helicopter will sink in the water but if you equipped the training gear it will float, at least in Phoenix RC : )

Also nice demo of Phoenix RC water effects

Software used:

Dec 25 2012


Handmade training gear for rc helicopter.

Table tennis balls + carbon rod + few rubber
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Training Gear Installation Heli training gear installations


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