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The most important thing you can purchase besides the Flight Sim is training gear. When you were a kid you had training wheels on your bike. This helicopter is no different. Training gear will keep your helicopter from tipping over. If you panic and chop the throttle, you have a better chance of landing upright, and not having a blade strike. I use the carbon spars as my training gear because they have some give to them and work like shocks. You can use the wooden dowels, but they don’t flex. This can cause a harder landing which could damage a feathering shaft if your landing is too hard. It could also cause such a shock if you land hard that the blades flex and you hit the blades on the tail boom. This will rip the boom right off of the helicopter and more than likely break not only the blades and boom, but also the belt and boom supports. So, I highly suggest the carbon spars over wooden dowels. Bottom line, get some training gear. Even if you have to use the wooden dowels, it’s better than not having training gear at all.

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