5 dolla metal gear cyclic servos and 7 dolla futaba clone tail servo TREX 450 clone news

5 dolla metal gear cyclic servos and 7 dolla futaba clone tail servo TREX 450 clone news

why waste 25 to 50 dollars per servo to learn with ? more info on my forum

Futaba RC Video Update:  S.bus (Serial Bus) RC Receiver & Servo System

http://www.futaba-rc.com Futaba Video Update. In this segment Steve Kaluf shows the features of the new S.bus System.

Stop cable clutter with the innovative S.Bus system. It uses digital serial data communication technology to transmit control signals between your receiver and servos. A single S.Bus cable can carry signals to as many channels as your transmitter can handle. You no longer have to worry about plugging in the wrong servo to the wrong channel, because each servo knows what channel it is dedicated to in advance.

S.Bus receivers are limited only by the number of channels
your transmitter will handle. Dont have S.Bus servos? No
problem. SBD-1 S.Bus Decoder Cables let you use existing analog and digital servos, too. The Futaba S.Bus system is nothing short of revolutionary and the revolutions just beginning.

• Eliminates clutter
• Easy programming with the SBC-1 Channel Setting Tool, S.Bus receivers or PCLink software
• No receiver channel limits (except by those on your transmitter)
• Plug in battery packs anywhere you wish
• Heavy-duty 20-gauge wire
• SBD-1 decoder cables (sold separately) let you use existing analog and digital servos
• Prevents mismatched servo-channel connections
• S.Bus system accessories make any installation simple
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18 Responses to “5 dolla metal gear cyclic servos and 7 dolla futaba clone tail servo TREX 450 clone news”

  • Chaddo Heli:

    Hi wicked got a problem with my trex 500 flybar. Got a spartan quark gyro on it. when I bind it, the tail servo don't work, so I unplug the tail wire and reinstall it works. Any idea why it won't work when I bind the heli? Only when pull the wire out when the heli is on, then it works. Any help would be appreciated thank you and god bless.

  • United Electrician:

    can u tell me how u use it in muti roto or drone I am having the t6k and how can I apply s bus in to my FC

  • interman 77:

    This futaba system is far superior to the spectrum x plus system and cheaper.Where I come from spectrum 12 channel reciever and x plus module is nearly $400.00 and it only works with spectrum.

  • chandley43231:

    can i use my 14sg to program sbd-1  if so how or do i still nee to buy the programmer??

  • Robert Palmore:

    This isn't that new as technology goes.  In fact  they tried this in the automotive industry years ago but it was a nightmare for the average mechanic to trouble shoot.  This isn't exactly the same as the auto stuff.  This looks like it's a really well thought out system.  I really like the concept of programming a servo to a channel and plug it in any where.  You can now leave out a lot of the programing details in each model on your transmitter.  Like the retract slow down.  In fact, you could probably use the same program for most of you s bus air craft.  Not exactly so but if the planes are similar, why not?  I'm still chucking foamies but the future looks very bright for this tech.  Great job Futaba.  

  • Major King:

    Break you display model down, cable by cable and connection by connections.  Futaba is generally difficult to program as it is. This will be useful to me.  Thanks.

  • Major King:

    Please spend more time on using the hub.  You are covering this material as though the reviewer is familiar with the system.  If you want to sell this product, assume that the reviewer has no knowledge with it.  Do another video and take you time, please.  I will purchase this system once I become comfortable with it.

  • Kunju S Lalmoney:

    How to program(How to install) S.Bus servos with GYA 430 or 431 using the application within the 18MZ transmitter and 7008SB receiver analog 1-7,S-Bus 8-16 witch channel could I choose Aileron CH1,Elevator CH2 Rudder CH4 and GyAileron CH5,GYElevatorCH7,GYRudderCH8 are analog but I need S-Bus channel only please reference

  • GFB:

    It sounds great but the price is way out there. With Spektrum coming out with X-Plus do you think Futaba will lower the price on the Anaolg S-Bus cables. And why does the analog S-Bus cable not come with the programmer. You want us to use this stuff but your are not trying hard enough to put it on the market.

  • Travis Bronson:

    how does the system know the difference between left and right wings?

  • Anthony Luciano:

    Hi I am new to twirling up planes and I have a question. I want to wire up a 12 channel plane with a futaba system but leave all of the existing servos and everything the same. now I'm guessing all servos are not programable and would have to be plugged into the channel that will be controlling it but can I use the S.bus system without programming servos? like would adding an extension to an 8 channel receiver make like channel 9, 10, 11, and 12 or would programable servos need to be added?

  • kersyboy:

    futaba!! simply the best

  • davew1234:

    I love Futaba but think they have lost the plot.

    A single cable break can loose you all or many of your servos. You are locked into Futaba for everything, and to be honest it makes no difference where your servos are slowed from!

    Can you run two Rx on this? Kinda important in a ship big/fast enough to need 14 servos ! This is asolution looking for a problem that simply doesnt exist for most modelers.

  • mechanizeddeath:

    Very cool

  • RadicalRC:

    Neat product with lots of features. I can see where people are going to think they can run many servos on a single 22 guage wire, in the example it's a high performance airplane running 14 servos on one 22 guage red and black wire. I am sure it's not their intent to suggest such a thing, however the video may lead some people to actually try that. Perhaps it could be redone clairifying what a solid setup would look like?


  • D K:

    I need a receiver for my Futaba Skysport T4YF, 35.060 MHZ, 5 or 6 channels…

    Any suggestions?

  • KEEP IT RC by Tower Hobbies:

    The battery may be connected directly to the receiver or anywhere along the S.Bus system.

  • KEEP IT RC by Tower Hobbies:


    No, you would need a switch for each pack.

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