HK 600GT RC Heli-Cam – $10 Camera mount and Landing gear

Just a speedy video clip about my Digital camera mount on my HK 600GT.


15 Responses to “HK 600GT RC Heli-Cam – $10 Camera mount and Landing gear”

  • bcdvideo:

    Thanks for the nice tips! 🙂

  • xToXiicxT3RRoRx:

    is that a 450 and is it nitro

  • triplejayvideos:

    nice i like what you did there sweet skid

  • jcer93705:


    Imagin flying over to where a chick is bathing in their swiming pool naked. LOL

  • Luvtoflyhelis:

    Nice, very informitive, I loveto do airial video to man. Thanks for sharing

  • comoradh:

    @nuttcaze Hey thanks for the all the infos man. Still waiting for the forum to mail activation email, gives an error when I try to get it to resend.

  • notanotherCoDfan:

    or you can just use duct tape 😀

  • MegaDemonte:

    the army can use them helicams to find the enemy in shoot outs and stuff like finding them

  • nuttcaze:

    If you have any questions for me or need additional help, you can find me on my forum.

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  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    nice mod bruv 🙂 very nice i think you should make it wider at the top where you attach to heli though or when you add your HD cam you might get too much off the legs in the picture plus with a wider mount you could carry a huge HD setup with FPV gear and everything tucked away under there and a big footprint is always good for AVP heli’s as the wider spacing helps keep the picture stable when running up the blade to lift off 😉

  • Senegal01:

    Thanks Marc. There are a lot of mounts for RC Heli for camera/videos, but some really look like monsters. Your’s is nice and clean looking, I like it. I think I will head for HD to get the supplies to make one for my 450! I am busy with soldering right now for my Matrix 3 Tricopter………videos to follow.

  • WildBird202:

    I was wondering when you was going to explain that…Good job. Guess I’m going to have to same up for an HK600GT now.

  • humaxf1:

    great job…looks very, very strong & store bought! have you got any footage using your new skid frame?

  • JollySwagman2006:

    Great Video Marc , thanks for sharing bro!

  • georgesjunglerc:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing friend.

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