Testing My Variable Helicopter Blade With Motor And Gear. | Bucee Brain

Hello friends,in today’s video,I will be testing my variable pitch helicopter while it spin.

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RC Helicopter Main Rotor Head Mechanism Animation (Including Swashplate) in Solidworks

This Helicopter Main Rotor Head/Blade System All Parts Design, Assembly and Motion Study/Animation are Entirely Created in Solidworks Software. This video is a simple demonstration of How Helicopter Fly/Works & how Swash plate mechanism is used for changing the Rotor Blade Pitch Angle in order to control the Collective and Pitch, that helps a helicopter in take off, landing and moving forward-backward-left-right.

This RC Helicopter Main Rotor Head Mechanism Consists of:
1. Base ( with Bearing & Anti-Rotation Bracket)
2. Servo Motor
3. Control Links (controls Swashplate Movement)
4. Pitch Links (controls Main Rotor holder)
5. Swashplate (used to transmit pilot’s commands like Pitch Control,Roll, Collective to the Main Rotor Blade of the Helicopter. This way Helicopter can be moved Up-down, left-right, forward-backward.
6. Main Rotor Housing
7. Main Rotor Blade Holder
8. Shafts & Necessary Fasteners
9. Rotor Blades

1. Part -1 RC Helicopter Main Rotor Head All Parts Design Tutorial in Solidworks

2. Part-2 RC Helicopter Main Rotor Head Assembly Tutorial in Solidworks

3. Part-3 RC Helicopter Main Rotor Head Motion Study/Animation Tutorial in Solidworks

4. Helicopter Swashplate Parts Design and Assembly in Solidworks

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