Paul's first Blade 400 flight with no training gear!

Paul flying his Blade 400 helicopter with no training gear for the first time! Helicopter has been modified as original servos are crap! Replaced all servos with HiTec HS65 Carbonate Gear Servos. Much better and more responsive to fly. Weather was terrible outside so we ventured inside a disused warehouse.
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This is a video of a version of some inverted flight gear that dougsrccom showed me. Here are some instructions on how to make it
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30 Responses to “Paul's first Blade 400 flight with no training gear!”

  • slinkytreekreeper:

    Maybe you should check out Bert or even Tariq, they seem to be fine with only thumbs. In fact, I challenge you to find someone who flies more aggressive…

    No way is wrong, people like you need to stop giving flying advice, bad info is worse than none. It's preference only.

  • Spartan Angel:

    nice.. thanks 2 guys like this they inspired me 2 be a pilot and i got a rc plane for christmas its not as powerful its a super 30 avitation

  • pmgodfrey:

    With a well setup and trimmed machine, it's not too difficult for a beginner as long as they know that only slight stick movement is all that's required. A lot of new folks over correct and make things worse.

    Best suggestion… Start with a simulator and practice! It's much cheaper to dump virtual models than it is real ones.

    My first R/C flight simulator was on an Apple IIe back in 1985. Graphics really sucked compared to today's simulators.

  • badassgrower:

    Keep working on it !!!Phoenix v4 simulator is key!!!!!!buy one yesterday!!!!thats how important that is:)

  • spdwebdotnet:

    That is a great tip. I am just getting into RC heli's… In fact I just got my first 4 channel last week. ( up from a 3 weeee ) Still a 'Toy' but fun none the less. AND still in one piece amazingly despite a run-in with the top of a tree. The tree is not still in one piece however.

  • MyFilippo94:

    Wow, great control! 😉
    I'll see the other videos!

  • badassgrower:

    You see the way he has his thumbs on sticks?!totally wrong ,works for small stuff but when u really get into harder tricks the thumbs placement will not work ,no precise control,you have to hold the sticks with index and thumb,this gives you real precise control of stick,alot of people start off learning wrong:(some wi say it's ok to do this but it's really not ,I'd you want to be any better than just hovering and basi flight/)

  • UberTech:

    @badassgrower If you had some decent grammar I would have believed ya.

  • badassgrower:

    thge blade 400 sucks !!!!!stay away!!!!dont waste ur money on crap just save the money and get a trx or gaui,trust me u will be alot more happy with results!!!trust me

  • Matthew Murphy:

    my first heli was the blade cx2… my next was the blade 400… my last was the blade 400 but i have just ordered the 450

  • Mike Streams:

    @sandalanalyst Thanks I think I will stick with the small indoor stuff. and a fixed pitch sounds good to me many people have recommended that I go for a 9958 by exceed since it is only 40.00-60.00 just to see if I am gonna like the transition from coax to FP anyone here have experience with with this micro heli..?

  • sandalanalyst:

    @MikeDMays you can start with a 4 channel coaxial or fixed pitch, myself i started with the fixed pitch.. the blade msr, now there is a msrx which is same heli, only flybarless, a little more stable, if you get it rtf, it comes with a controller and you can set that to beginner mode so it is as responsive as a coaxial, slower.. the msr is for indoor flying, if you want to fly outside blade 120sr or something similar.. i would start with 4 channel coaxial or fixed pitch..

  • daisy8luke:

    @MikeDMays Just go straight to to he 400 class, like a Trex 450. The smaller helis are difficult to fly. But first, make sure you get a simulator for training, like Phoenix or RealFlight. Sure, they cost about $200, but you'll pay WAY more than that in replacement parts if you don't train on the sim FIRST. And be sure to purchase the training gear that attaches to the landing gear. It's a MUST for beginners. Happy flying!!

  • Mike Streams:

    I am new to flying helis and would like to know what I should start with how many channel etc..? Long term goal is barrel roll and inverted hover but I just want a good starter first

  • Gardener Rob:

    @NUNCLEFRITZ ah, thanks for the info.

  • Gardener Rob:

    i have an rc helli but with the extra rotors and the stabilizer on top of that,apparently there easier to fly but this looks like it would actually be easier all extra crap on the top would way it down, i dont know really only just got into rc hellis just wanted to know if i would be better of with a helli with just one set of rotors or the one i have now.

  • stealhty1:

    watch where you flying,that could be an faraday cage,other than that GREAT WORK

  • iml337rofl:

    that sucks

  • dustyearlobe:

    good for the basics then we progress good job scrappy

  • CertifyThis:

    I don't want to be mean but that kit does seem useless. Cus when you get outside without training gear it will feel totally different so just go outside and do it brother. If it breaks fix it. At least you tried.

  • chowtv:

    Wow… coincidently, I just started flying again a couple days ago. My ESC took over a month to come back from Castle Creations and even though the ESC was fixed something else was wrong with my setup… turns out my RX was bad so I sent it back to Horizon Hobby and they turned it around pretty quick. It is nice to be flying again.

  • Douglas Leger:

    Scrappy , Did you get your ESC back yet ?? Doing any flying ???

  • chowtv:

    I haven't gotten a chance to fly at all the last several weeks. I broke my tail ESC in a crash and have been waiting for it to come back from Castle Creations. Oh well.

  • Douglas Leger:

    Hows it going ChowTV ??? Any success trying it outside ???

  • chowtv:

    Thanks for the advice… I do practice "the old fashioned" way too by just flipping it and trying to hold it inverted which has been going good as well (and I practice in the sim too). Depends on my mood which way I try.. i think all the different methods all help.

  • Douglas Leger:

    Scrappy, I agree with TommyStokke, If you find the training gear doesn't work out that well, try flipping or rollin the heli at least 20 feet up and holding it inverted as long as you can. If you start to feel uncomfortable, flip it back over to your comfort zone ASAP. Thats pretty much how I learned to fly inverted. The SIM helps alot as well.

  • Lawson H:

    Hey good idea with the frame, but no offence ,but how does that heli even fly lol. I have the same heli and i hung mine from the ceiling and it is a much better way to acheive the inverted flight , but keep it up ,

  • chowtv:

    Thanks for the comment. I posted some notes to help you build this on my RR gallery page (looks like they won't let me post the url to it here, so see "About This Video" on the right side of the Youtube page for the url).

  • xhobv02:

    You can hang your blade CP to a chandelier with a rope and learn to flight invert without risking to damage it

  • Douglas Leger:

    FANTASTIC Chowtv !! I love it ! It looks like its going to work great. You might want to try it outside with a little more room. But I think your on your way to inverted creaminess !!

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