Phoenix heli training part 1

Thanks for watching my series. In this part we set up a very easy to fly heli and I show you how to hover tail in and begin your orientation training. We also talk about expo and how it can assist you to fly better and as you get better you can reduce the expo to improve your own independent flying style.
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  • Tony Hodgson:

    Brilliant video Westy, I've had phoenix for several months now and still haven't mastered orientation, didn't realise phoenix had this training facility.. Do you think it's wise to train with a docile heli when one has a Blade 450 3D. I've been trying to master orientation for months now on sim and with the 450 to no avail, maybe some people just can't do it…

    I'm going to try that training aid now, thanks

  • Westy's How To Guides:

    yeah …. The Whiplash is a great learning heli, it has inherent stability and it is big so will teach the newbies the eye hand motor skills to add control change when they see the orientation change! – RE your whiplash! I am jeolous! nice one!

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