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E-Sky has a $19.95 R/C Computer Simulator. How’s it work? That is the hyperlink for’s internet site who sells this sim. Pay out for the E-Sky USB Transmitter and FMS system is incorporated totally free, as a shareware system. The program Graphics are clear. Also cheaper than a fifty percent a tank of gas, this is an affordable Resource to aid discover R/C flying, with out the expense of crashing genuine types. I had none of this when I realized and it price me 1000’s of dollars and several hours again then. To get it to operate on Vista necessary downloading a DLL file from the web. This worked well. I also had to operate the Transmitter through a USB multi port block, so the necessary resistance was satisfied. It would not operate plugged immediately into the Computer’s USB port. If your TX is not currently being noticed, consider that. So I hope you individuals understand on a simulator very first, saving oneself some aggravation when you get started to fly genuine types. Hope this video presents you an perception of the plan. I apologize for the fuzzy video clip, but it must nonetheless give you an idea of how nicely this sim works. Many thanks for observing, excellent luck, and content flying.
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R/C Gyroscopes for Helicopters (Revision 1) How they work.

Piezoelectrics do not use magnetic force to align as I mentioned in the video. They just search for movement. This video was manufactured to dwell on what we had 35 years back. This was “New Technological innovation” back again then, as RC helicopters became one more essential component of RC modeling. Right here I display how the old Gyros labored with a motor and flywheel (which drew plenty of battery energy) and explain how these gyroscopes truly labored then and now. Present day Piezoelectric chip gyros are not that considerably distinct, utilizing the very same “feedback” principal. Only today we have basic, no shifting elements, light weight, Piezo electrical “Motion Sensors” to help. You can get them from at this hyperlink. www.dpbolvw.internet Again many thanks for watching, and fly effortless! Dave
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How RC Helis WORK with Flight Tips.

See my video on my training stand, that may help you more. I say park the Blade, and get at HB fixed pitch to learn on. You will save more money in the long run. Learn on a VW and if you NEVER crash it, then get the Porsche. LOL I use the MAS techique (0 pitch at center) for 3D, but for normal flying, I have Pitch at Low 20%, 2-40%, 3- 50%, 4-60%, and 5-90.5%. Due to tremendous amount of questions for more in depth explanations, I remade the video and tried to explain how they fly and how you should control them to make them fly. Since so few people can master moving 7 controls at once in precise coordination to fly a Collective pitch helicopter, I have added more text. If you have to pause it to read the text, please do so. I want you to succeed. Watch it again before you go out to try that new machine and if you would like my 9 Helicopter Tips for Better Success at learning, please watch my video on them. Good luck and happy flying. Dave
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