How RC Servos Work

Ever wonder how a servo is able to make so much torque in such a small device?

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  • weerobot:

    Very Clear…Cool..

  • Robots Automation in the world:

    you can see i am doing different type of projects

  • Robots Automation in the world:

    very good explanation really knowledgeable i have one question in servo they use KC 5188 supply to motor from pin 3 and 6 and pin 1 and 8 going to transistor if i take that pin output and attach to 2 Channel DC 5V Relay Module with Optocoupler Low Level Trigger Expansion Board and with relay attach high volt motor and motor shaft fix with potentiometer will it work actually for high torque servo motors and drivers are very costly i want to control only direction speed not required in my project waiting for you response i subscribed your channel waiting for your notification thanks
    you can see i am doing different type of projects
    [email protected]

  • IncrediKAD76:

    good stuff! thank you

  • Khaled Atassi:

    Thanks bro that was really helpful.

  • ctosca1:

    This was the perfect video to help me understand

  • jantoy vlog:

    That was a remarkable idea ive get to you man! Hope you can visit me too

  • Heli4213:

    Should you cycle a servo before install for an hour or so to make sure there are no issues?? Someone told me to run in the servos????

  • Remko Jerphanion:

    Your video's are all clear and informative, so thank you!

  • Valdemar Perez III:

    That was actually pretty informative ?????

  • Shawn95666:

    Great video, i like attention to camera/video quality. looks great. 1/2 of the servos out show specs in "dynamic torque" vs others show stall. Its confusing and hard to find out real specs!

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