How to fly a Helicopter – The Basics

How to fly a Helicopter - The Basics

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I am not a flying instructor so my video content is for pleasure only and not to be used for training as editing removes context. Be aware some flight-critical checks and radiotelephony may have been edited out but are always completed on the actual flight. All video content is my own, or it falls under YouTube’s fair use policy and music used has been downloaded from either the YouTube music library or Epidemic Sound where I have a YouTube subscription!
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17 Responses to “How to fly a Helicopter – The Basics”

  • @1WHATSUP1:

    Much appreciated

  • @tenexchikumba:

    How can I be your student physically,am from MALAWI

  • @ruffleschips9055:

    Although I will never fly a helicopter, at least one of my lifetime curiosities has been settled. Thanks.

  • @acreguy3156:

    Really neat!! Thanks. Why was your door open for much of the video?

  • @AmieAnderson-rw9lm:

    I'm going on one this year with my family, I'm so excited!

    I'm never gonna watch Paw Patrol the same way again lol

  • @wolfganghager8321:

    Nice is not a very useful term – 100s of nices instead of useful info. And no shot of the cyclic – nice.

  • @clopez3901:

    I learned in GTA V. Have not crashed one yet. Have not flown one either.

  • @nickeadon6108:

    Really well explained, thank you. I can now apply to be the new James Bond and feel confident to rescue that damsel in distress. I now just need to see if there is a youtube video on operating a submarine, learn how to scuba dive and also how to skydive. Oh yes maybe a karate lesson too. Piece of cake. ?

  • @KenFullman:

    So there's no throttle control? Is the engine speed maintained by some kind of computer based on the positions of your controls?

  • @llf8404:

    Clear and simple explanation. Pretty sure there's more to the skill, still feel confident I could look for a place to land the aircraft if needed.

  • @milsgarage:

    Epic. Thank you! Subbed.

  • @GodsHerosGodsHeros:

    Howdy from Texas sir! Cheers ? please visit Tesla headquarters in Austin Texas or SpaceX in McAllen Texas NASA in Houston Texas fly from the locations that’d be a trip we have the cleanest nicest people and state in America! Since we have the most airports than anyone else flights are low priced! Cheers ? God bless!

  • @LWRC:

    Great job in the demo! I feel like I can fly one now….???

  • @lastfirst78:

    Why the black poppy?

  • @J-Vasa:

    Did i miss something??? His door was open at 4:50 ???

  • @laurinagi:

    Helicopter,actually thé driver saved my brother's life……one day …I would liké to fly it ….and….

  • @klerain5774:

    I read it very challenging to learn to fly a helicopter but you made that look so easy
    Thank you

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