Tareq Alsaadi is the sand making issues for the helicopter ? rc heli Goblin Raw with Xnova motor

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12 Responses to “Tareq Alsaadi is the sand making issues for the helicopter ? rc heli Goblin Raw with Xnova motor”

  • Leonardo Otero:

    Hello and thank you so much for your amazing flights and videos! You're an inspiration to this hobby I live in Miami Florida I've been in this hobby for 40 years! every time I see you fly you inspire me you inspire me thank you for your kind words please keep up the amazing work thank you so much!!!

  • Truman Foster:

    You wild af

  • LF Records:

    This summer with sun and high temperature outside all my set of batteries got screwed…all they got like balloons and all their power lost…IR was messed and got up to 30-40 per cell… batteries were gens ace and pulse ultra

  • Dipto Saha:

    Flight time?

  • oFallenDemono:

    Do'nt worry tareq someday you will be able to hover <3

  • OICU812 RC:

    Bro what rotortech main blades are you running on your RAW machines, the 690mm or 710mm main blades?

  • Shawn Scott:

    Tareq a few questions for you sir! What size of Rotortech main blades are you using on your Raw, the 690mm or 710mm? Also how often are you changing out the tail case bearings as I find the Raw tail case has alot of flex and eats out the tail case bearings

  • new New:

    ?????? ????? ????? ???? ???? ????? ????

  • Ameer Akhtar:

    Amazing flight! I fly in the same place and yes the desert feels good! Better then a flying field!!! :) what an amazing save Tareq! As soon as you saw the blade chip off you landed it perfectly! Super control! Am your biggest fan!

  • Walid Abudhir:

    Masha Allah. How long did it take you to become this professional? Was it on a daily basis?

  • LF Records:

    oh please perfom in the next video a very simple manuver….a piro tic toc please…..its easy and many people struggle to do it steady without heli going everywhere arround the place…for you must me a joke but do it please…if possible…thanks

  • LF Records:

    Tareq…..you dont have to mention what electronics and motor you use bro…..we already know the all …:) mks servos ..xnova hobbywing and vbar (i m still with futabas tho 😛 lol ) nice flight as always ..you "draw" and you "draw" fast……excellent

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