Basics on How to Fly RC Helicopters & How Transmitters Work

A Quick Rundown and demo on how to fly helicopters, different types of flying, Fixed Pitch vs. Collective pitch helicopters, understanding the basics of flying and the differences between controls, Remotes (transmitters) and how they work.

V911 RTF:
V911 with Big Transmitter:


18 Responses to “Basics on How to Fly RC Helicopters & How Transmitters Work”

  • Steve Green:

    Nice video good info for beginners

  • spikedart:

    Nice rundown and impartial commentary on what to fly.

  • Bill Skoros:

    Thanks for the video. Been flying a Blade 120SR for a while and recently picked up a Trex450. Time to move up!

  • Jose Mendez:

    Hey i has the xk k100 and i don't know how to getting stable on the air do you know how to fix that please let me know

  • KJ6EPL:

    BTW the V911 uses the old version of the Flysky protocol, (AFHDS, not AFHDS2A), and will bind to any Flysky transmitter without any mods. If you have DeviationTX installed on that Walkera transmitter with the proper module installed in it, you can use that too.

  • Bill Dusty:

    The V911 kicks! I love mine.

  • keith flory:

    4 channel coaxial helicopters do have the use of aileron side to side banking you were talking 3 channel

  • The Daddy Daughter Team of NJ:

    Thank you for Taking the time to make this video, It was so Helpful! I Appreciate how you gave such a in depth explanation of everything!

  • shabeer kn:

    Nic vdo

  • Bill Hudson:

    Not too many people can teach. This is why the world isn't over run with teachers. It is a select few that have the skills to explain at a beginner, intermediate, or high level when they are further than that. You my friend are an excellent teacher! I don't even have an RC, and while I love them, I was just captivated by your video and your teaching ability. I hope for others sake you continue to make learning videos like this. You will help very many, that I am sure! PS: Get a Steady camera Operator, and you will surly knock it out of the park! Good Luck…

  • Todd Speck:

    Excellent explanation's

  • The Reaper:

    I like how you relate it to a ceiling fan. That's exactly how I think of it except when you flip the switch the motor stays same and the blade pitch changes vs you have a fan running in high and flip switch your going to blow something up or strip something apart cause it has to slow down and respool going the other way. They need to make ceiling fans work like a heli

  • Jess Neal:

    Thanks !!! great video !!!!

  • Petra Whalley:

    Love these rc heli vids dude

  • Reed Durant:

    How do you switch from power to Collective

  • Maceyee:

    thanks for noting an inexpensive good beginner model or two

  • Fred Houseal:

    That statement you made about coaxial helicopter not having left and right pitch is false, you should be saying it's a 3 channel coaxial , there are many 4channel coaxial helicopters out there like the blade cx2

  • tony welch:

    thanks man, great video, I got my first RC helicopter a few weeks ago, a V 911 & have looked at lots of YT vids on this & yours is the most informative I've seen & you explain things very clearly & thoroughly, much appreciated

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