5 Simulator Exercises before Flying your RC Helicopter

So you’ve just figured out how do a new a new manoeuvre on the simulator, and you’re about to go out to the field and start flying for real. But how well can you actually do it, and is it ready for the real world?

In this video we’ll go through 5 exercises you should do on the sim to give yourself the best chance of making a successful transition with that new move to the outside.

Figure of 8 Training Exercises:

0:00 Introduction
0:18 Right and Left
1:02 Squares
2:04 Circles
2:47 Vertical Squares
3:43 Vertical Circles
4:14 Conclusion

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Hier zeige ich das kalibrieren den RC Helikopters vor dem Start. Nach dem Einschalten der Fernbedingung und dann des Helikopters wird nach dem er sich gebunden hat und die grüne LED am Heck Ausleger blinkt, der linke Stick nach links oben und der rechte Stick geleichzeitig nach rechts unten gedrückt. Wenn der Gyro kalibriert, blinkt die LED schnell gelb, wenn der Vorgang fertig ist blinkt sie wie grün.


14 Responses to “5 Simulator Exercises before Flying your RC Helicopter”

  • @rchelicopter:

    The Figure of 8 exercises video is here

  • @tlk0216:

    Confused. Left stick up and down is throttle and left and right is rudder correct?

  • @LichaelMewis:

    This is great advice. I know how to fly but I don't know how to do most if these 3D maneuvers. I want to learn. What simulator do yku suggest? What sim are you using here? Where should I begin to learn these moves?

  • @heeder777:

    Your videos really help to get your mind working. I find the simulators are the best thing to ever happen to RC helicopters. The help in developing automatic inputs to the machine to recover from bad situations. I remember getting really out of shape flying when I was just starting and recovered without crashing. I honestly couldn't tell you what control inputs I used to make that happen.

  • @FlightLogRC:

    Hi Richard, I’m very curious on your thoughts on the next simulator. Have you noticed any drastic differences in physics compared to real life? A lot of people say it’s not as realistic but it runs great on my machine so I’m reluctant to get another one

  • @MrRctintin:

    another great video, thanks Rich

  • @dmitryrussian:

    Thank you, Richard.

  • @HeliShed:

    Another excellent video Richard – still way in front of my own abilities which is essentially always going forward!!

  • @toncsirc:

    These are some really great tips, I've definitely got to try them! I usually also have someone disturb me during the manoeuvre, either by fiddling with the sticks or turning the motor off just to see if I can save the heli at all times. Great video as usual.

  • @kozhedub27:

    Hi!Which simulator do you recommend?


  • @blahenazo:

    Again a ver nice tip however, out of practical reasons and the sake of progress can we agree that 3 out of 5 is good enough ? 😉

  • @jasonwade37:

    Great advise! Thank you for making these videos.

  • @Coboldt64:

    Eine Kalibrierung ist nur im Ausnahmefall erforderlich…

  • @michaelbraun9093:

    Schon mal aufgefallen, daß der Pfeil an der rechten Stabilisierungsflosse in die falsche Richtung zeigt?Er soll ja vorm Fenestron warnen.Links stimmt's,liegt wahrscheinlich an der Massenherstellung.Bei allen Modellen dieser Reihe so,aber das ist jammern auf hohem Niveau ?. Hauptsache,er macht Spaß.

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